Advertising & Campaigns




Clickthrough rates, conversion tracking, Georiot, promoted posts, follower management – finetunes can shed light on the jungle of social media behavior and analysis. We can take care of planning, setup and management of label–, artist– or release–based digital marketing campaigns. finetunes can also help with editorial planning and posting, as well offering classical media planning.
finetunes offers traditional media planning such as banner and display ad bookings, online and offline advertising, augmented by additional elements like SEO/SEM, Ad Words campaigns and especially social media marketing.
For licensors who want to be active and successful on these channels, this means: conceiving, designing and proper planning of campaigns, adapting strategies based on experience and data, management and efficient setup to create successful outcomes and results and to win over new target groups and fans.




finetunes strives to support its partners with a well-defined range of useful services like targeted Facebook ad campaigns, geotargeted activities around a release, or the fine–tuning of an already running Ad Words campaign. The integrated promotion and connection of e.g. Ad Words campaigns with a decent YouTube video audience and monetization strategy not only offers a rich content experience for existing fans: It supports turning interested new followers into valuable paying fans.



finetunes tailors all campaigns according to the platform on which the licensor wants to create visibility and attention, efficiently orchestrating the different elements such as on-platform and off-platform communication around a release, special campaigns and ad spending, avoiding additional overhead and workload on the licensor’s desk. Of course, we also feed back with stats and analysis, to enable licensors to transfer knowledge and insights to the next campaign.