Finetunes Selected Vibes playlist hits 10,000 followers on Spotify



We’re pretty delighted to see our Selected Vibes – finest Electronic Music playlist powering through the 10k followers mark on Spotify this week! finetunes has been curating Selected Vibes with love on Spotify for a while now. The focus has always been on showcasing quality electronic music from exciting and original producers. We’re really happy to see that our focus on great electronic music is finding some fans. More and more people have been flocking to Selected Vibes recently. We’ve recently passed 10k subscribers and we’re already well on our way to 11k. Of course, it’s all about great electronic music. Today’s fresh adds are two songs out of our catalogue:

Alec Troniq Mind Doodles (Broque)

Motor City Drum Ensemble Send a Prayer (part. one) (MCDE Rec)

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We love being able to showcase the great artists in our roster to new and existing fans. Follow today and like the Selected Vibes Facebook page for regular updates.

Your finetunes crew