Jazz thing – Free Track: Contrast Trio – Zwei

contrast zwei

Contrast Trio presented in Jazz thing “review plus” with Free Track!
Don’t be misleaded by the simple name of their album “2”! This band from Frankfurt really is a trio and their second album is not just a simple, easy thing to get away with. In contrast (play on words just around the corner) to most other young trios, these three are not just full of creative energy, highly skilled talent and determination for their music, but they already have their very own specific sound and composition style. The latter seems to be no luck at all but work and mainly the result of an artistic vision, Yuri Sytch (piano), Tim Roth (bass) and Martin Standke (drums) are developing since nine years now. Another album of the year 2015 it seems…

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Download the full album: http://snip.ftpromo.net/2itunes