NEW MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS – 27th OF NOVEMBER: Lubomyr Melnyk // Ryan Davis & Microtrauma // Sans Parade


Dear all,

check out our new releases for the last November days this year. Ryan Davis has teamed up with Microtrauma to provide you with new electronic sounds and Sans Parade will please you pop lovers with their pensive new songs. If you prefer an even quieter tone Frederik Köster and Sebastian Sternal offer a jazzy alternative. Pelzig will satisfy any Alternative fan and if you’re rather into dancing, you might like the new remix releases by Heiko Laux and Mathias Kaden. Furthermore we got a new compilation on the label Favorite with some great caribbean disco boogie songs compiled by Waxist, and a re-issue of a 1978 Mabrak Reggae classic. For our Children we got the IGEL Bande with a new collection of christmas songs.

Our highlight this week is Lubomyr Melnyks new Album “Melnyk: Rivers and Streams”, great piano music, released on the London based label Erased Tapes.
All the best
your finetuners.

Lubomyr Melnyk
Melnyk: Rivers and Streams Erased Tapes)
Classic / Neoclassicism / Instrumental

Lubomyr Melnyk returns with his new album ‘Rivers and Streams’, the embodiment of his signature style. Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk has often felt that his unique Continuous Music playing is akin to water – flowing and ever connected. As he further developed his technique, and the more the notes flowed, the closer to water he felt. “I found my hands and arms and everything inside them changing from normal muscle and flesh to well…water.” With his latest album, ‘Rivers and Streams’, Lubomyr focuses deeply on this connection to water, to the point where the music itself begins to embody its liquid form. Produced by Robert Raths and Jamie Perera, the album flows seamlessly from the live recordings of ‘The Pool of Memories’, captured in a church, to pieces entirely born in the studio, such as ‘Sunshimmers’ and ‘Ripples in a Water Scene’, which feature Perera on acoustic and electric guitar. Amorphous, ever-changing, Lubomyr as performer becomes subsumed into the natural ebb and flow of the keys as the album drifts between nascent upstream trickles and deeply reflective passages through winding river valleys.

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Sans Parade
Artefacts (Stargazer Records)
Pop / Indie Pop
The initial idea for Sans Parade’s second album was born, when we were making a music video for In a Coastal Town from the previous album. We were shooting at a location near a small rapid and, as we were setting up the camera on the bridge crossing it, we found some fragments of a torn letter. The text appeared to be written by a young girl who had been disappointed in love. As she was writing down her deepest feelings, she had decided that the target of her waning love was not worthy of her true emotions, so the letter had been cathartically destroyed – like in a ritual. These disjointed pieces of sentences created an association with the libretto from Philip Glass’ Einstein On The Beach opera, which is a collection of wandering, cut-and-pasted pieces of text. So, the letter fragments started the whole Artefacts album process, as an accidentally found idea of love-letter-flavoured, Einstein-on-the-Beach-inspired art pop. And the very same letter fragments now end the finished album on the track “Letter Fragments Found on the Halinen Bridge”.
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Ryan Davis & Microtrauma
Synthesis (TRAUM Schallplatten)

Electronic / Techno

After in all 9 EPs and one album the Traum artists Ryan Davis and Microtrauma have joined forces to record a new EP together. They’re opening track “Harmonia” is a track with a great choice of variables and a skilled and artistic form of shifting and moving them within the track. The result is a loose and unpredictable track which has gigantic, sonic moments. At times it takes out the beat and pulsates along not loosing any of the intensity, the contrary is the case… with each free minded passage the track gains more depth. “Harmonia” is a tremendous pice of hypnotic techno with an gripping arrangement. “Calendula” starts rather introspective and silent but undergoes an enormous transition which puts it in a league with some of the best gentle pieces of melodic techno around. It is hard to wrap up in words how the track moves to totally different corners music wise within its eight minute ride but for all of you who know Ryan Davis and Microtrauma you will have expected something like this to happen. Dubspeeka has remixed “Calendula” in the style of a raw and heavy grinding techno track that is invaded by sounds that come and go in perfectly timed intervals. “Philomela” rounds up the EP and is night crawler of a track that skillfully works with a broken beat and a carpet of orchestral sounds that later are joined by darker ones to create an overall gloomy atmosphere.


Mathias Kaden
Energetic (Remixes), Pt. 1 (Freude am Tanzen)
Techno / Tech House

New Remix Album with reinterpretations by Michael Mayer, Cuthead, Redshape and Nick Curly. As an ode to the energy of classical – characterized by warmth and soul – house sounds, Mathias Kaden’s second album “Energetic” was received generously this summer by music criticism as well as by longtime fans and not least by dancers on the dancefloors around the world. Since that is where Mathias Kaden first performed his work live. Besides the excitement of the original tracks, there is however always the fascinating question in what way further ‘greats’ of this music will newly accentuate Kaden’s tracks with their remixes, admix other nuances, break out in different directions.

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Medium Cool World (Cargo)
Alternative / Indie Rock

It’s been 20 years! Yes, PELZIG have been around since 1995. Why this isn’t part of general knowledge might be owing to the fact that PELZIG have often been misunderstood to be a side project of SLUT– which, facing the staff intersections, perhaps couldn’t be avoided. Yet, the band has always self-sufficiently chosen its own path. In 2004 their last album „Safe In Its Place“ was released. That was eleven years ago. It feels like an eternity. Eleven years in which the band faced good and bad news, on a personal as well as on a musical level. Meanwhile in the real world, the entire musical landscape was turned upside down. Things changed. Which doesn’t matter to PELZIG, just like anything else. The band never intended to be the next big thing. From an endless amount of ideas a core of ten songs emerged, which PELZIG will release under the title „Medium Cool World“. The album is a distillate from over a decade of various musical influences, changing living environments, strokes of luck and experiences of failure.

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Frederik Köster & Sebastian Sternal
Canada (Traumton)
Frederik Köster / Sebastian Sternal – Both are among the most distinguished musicians and composers of the current German jazz scene, have been awarded multiple prizes (for example the ECHO Jazz) and have been playing together in various formations for 10 years. Never before though, could they be heard together in such an intimate setting as on their first duo-album Canada. Their mostly original compositions, which were – with two exceptions – written specifically for this album, and even more so their subtle, often lyrical, sometimes also energetic interplay are unmistakably influenced by the recording location: Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.
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Heiko Laux
Fernweh (Remixes One)(Kanzleramt)
The first part of Heiko Laux’ full length album Fernweh is containing remixes by Ray Kajioka, Luis Flores, a debut colaboration mix of Luis Flores and Heiko Laux, as well as two new mixes by Heiko Laux.

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Various Artists
Caribbean Disco Boogie Sounds (1977-1982 Selected by Waxist)(Favorite)
Disco / Funk
It’s now pretty obvious that Disco influence has not only been powerful in western clubs. It has also influenced musicians all around the world, and West-Indies islands are no exception to the rule. Apart from some obvious titles which made it to the charts, very few was known on these productions until recently. From an initial pre-selection of 40 tracks, Favorite Recordings and Waxist teamed up to narrow down the actual tracklist. With no pretention to be exhaustive, this selection represents a tiny sample of a broader ocean of quality Caribbean Disco/Boogie tunes.

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Drum Talk (Dug Out)
This is a re-issue of a classic 1978 reggae album by Mabrak, mixed by King Tubby at Harry J’s studio in Kingston.


IGEL Bande
Igel-Bande in der Backwerkstatt (Igel-bande)
A new collection of childrens songs, which all revolve around christmas and baking.

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