New Music Highlights – 30th of January 2015: Shuko, Fünf Sterne deluxe, Contrast Trio, Callisto, Pollyester, Talul







It’s time for our weekly selection of the finest new releases hitting digital stores today.

Find HipHop by Shuko, electronic by Fünf Sterne deluxe and Daniel Stefanik, deep house by Talul,

drum’n’bass by Toronto Is Broken, jazz by Contrast Trio, Jazuelle and Studnitzky, pop by Pollyester

and experimental rock by Callisto.





Shuko – For the Love of It

(Peripherique records)

Hip Hop

“German Wunderkind” Christoph Bauss, better known as “Shuko” is one of the most distinguished German Rap and Urban producers. In early 2015 Shuko releases “For The Love Of It”, his first and only official producer album.


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Fünf Sterne deluxe – AltNeu  Die Remixe– Electronic Edition (Fünf Sterne deluxe Records)

Electronic / Hip Hop

Electronic remixes of some bonafide Fünf Sterne deluxe hits, ranging from Deep House to Downbeat, Disco to Drum’n’Bass. Featured remixers are Lexy & K-Paul, Oliver Koletzki, DJ Koze, Ante Perry, Audiolith’s Brazed, Malente from Claptone and more.

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Daniel Stefanik    Genesis (Statik Entertainment)
Electronic / Minimal Techno / Techno

The 2nd album by Daniel Stefanik (Cocoon, Kann) on the Statik Entertainment – imprint shows the epic width of real underground techno music: from ambient cuts to techno, dub-tech to tool-tracks. Floor fillers meets listening-stuff – an amazing last release on Statik Entertainment – the label that will be closed after 20 years of doing finest deep techno music.

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Talul – Ghost (kunsthandwerk)
Deep House / Electronica / Techno

Talul is one of the Newcomers of the last years and he’s proving that over and over. For example with his new Track „Ghost“ which is now released on Kunsthandwerk. The sound of „Ghost“ is crystal clear, playful and guarantees unstoppable goosebumps. There will be no calm feet if you put in this record at the latest when the mystic break drops into a phenomenal percussion and desperate vocal-shot driven climax. If u close your eyes, you will see the „Ghost“ that Talul has hidden in his awesome piece of art.

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Toronto Is Broken  Section Nine (Sub Slayers)
Drum’n’Bass / Electronic

It is with great pleasure we bring to you Section Nine, a futuristic journey through dark textures, switching tempos, complex bass lines and intricate beat programming. This album will change game in the world of Bass music. From the euphoric, energetic Die For You to the neuro Drum & Bass twisted A Place In Time and Abstract Architecture, the Glitch Hop fused Foes to beautifully crafted Field Of Poppies. Section Nine is an album that will not only stand the test time of, it will influence how it’s shaped.

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Contrast Trio – Zwei (Whyempty Records)


What would a band be without any creative changes? For the album “Zwei”, the band Contrast Trio changed their focus. More than ever it’s about a transparent sound, which consequently orientates towards the energy and directness of pop and rock music.

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Jazzuelle  Inaugural EP (Atjazz Record Company)

Not at all what you would expect to be delevered by a young South Africa producer with his heart in dance music!. Jazzuelle is a gentle and humble soul who dives to great depths where others fear to go. Inaugural EP is true artwork in it’s naked form, and with your eyes closed this wonderful music garantees to create beautiful images for it is loaded with imagination.



Studnitzky – Memento (Contemplate)

MEMENTO orchestral experience – jazz meets classical STUDNITZKY has always been a traveller between the realms of jazz, classical and electronic music. With “MEMENTO – orchestral experience” he presents his multifaceted and stylistically open nature with entrancing succinctness.

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Pollyester – City of O (Disko B)
Pop / Indie Disco / New Wave

Three years have passed since the release of Pollyester’s debut album „Earthly Powers”. The international press celebrated Pollyester as an exciting mixture of Les Rita Mitsouku, Cosmic and Krautrock, and declared them top notch disco punk newcomers. The new album “City of O” has become a brightly glistening album, yet it emanates tranquillity and sovereignty at the same time. The band sparkles in a fountain of unbound Punk / New Wave / Disco energy: This is where early Talking Heads hang around on a DFA bloc party whilst Tom Tom Club is jamming with Le Tigre in the background.

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Callisto – Secret Youth (Svart Records)
Experimental Rock / Hardcore

Since their 2004 debut, True Nature Unfolds, Callisto have sought out new ground in the post-metal genre. Now, Callisto have returned after five years of relatively quiet existence with a new album for Svart Records, entitled Secret Youth. Never wanting to record the same album twice and always eager to experiment, the band members themselves describe the new material as “progressive noise rock” – a contradictory concoction of easier, more straightforward elements in the same melting pot with a youthful, experimental spirit.

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