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the end of the year comes closer every day, but we still got some new music for you in 2015. This week Still Parade releases another song from his upcoming debut and Collinjah & Modi Bardo provide you with a lot of bass and some Dub vibes. Ashley Beedle teamed up with Lay-Far & Darren Morris to please all you House lovers out there and HeCTA got sympathy for the auto industry this week. Furthermore the german Hardcore people of Fjort get you hooked with a first song from their upcoming new album, which will be released in January 2016. Honest Jon’s offers you a nice overview of the music of the Gospel Roots Label in the mid seventies and Michael Lane releases his song to accompany  this year’s “Vier Schanzen Tournee”. If all of this is nothing for you, we got one more release to catch you: The new Album by Jess and the Ancient Ones on Svart Records shines with psychedelic sounds and great songwriting.

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your finetuners.

Jess and The Ancient Ones
Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes (Svart Records)
Heavy Metal / Psychedelic Rock

Since their inception in 2010, the ascent of Jess and her Ancient Ones has been astounding. With a chart-toppingly successful debut album in 2011 and the occult surf metal EP Astral Sabbat (2013) under their collective belt, the group won over many new followers on their North American tour with King Diamond last winter. Since then the collective have thinned their herd from seven to six, and spent months with minds locked inwards together, perfecting their craft and cultivating what was to become their second album. This autumn equinox it was signalled that the hour of the Second Psychedelic Coming had come at last and work on the album complete. And what rough beast it is! Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes will be released on CD, double LP and digital formats on December 4th.

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Still Parade
07:41 (Still Parade)
Alternative / Psychedelic Rock / R&B

With ‚07:41‘ Still Parade are releasing the second song of their upcoming debut Album, on the album the band sets out into new territory aside their signature Dream Folk sound of their first EP. A tape recorder handed to him by his father marked the starting point of experimenting with recording techniques for Niklas Kramer aka Still Parade. His previous output had all been recorded within fully equipped professional studios with experienced producers, resulting in a slick dream folk sound. However, only now was he realizing that he preferred the sound he was able to generate by himself within his own tiny Berlin apartment recording on that very tape machine. Now armed with a collection of brand new songs Still Parade will be sure to leave behind the dream folk sound that became synonymous with Kramer’s early output. With his debut album self recorded and produced and set for release in 2016 it’s fair to say Kramer has successfully managed to combine influences from his all time heroes Todd Rundgren and Crosby, Stills & Nash with current cutting edge music.
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Collinjah & Modi Bardo
Ganja Ting (Foundation Channel)

Dancehall / Dubstep / Reggae

Collinjah & Modi Bardo’s “Ganja Ting” gives a massive nod to 90’s west coast hip hop while keeping the dance hall jumping and the bassbins vibrating. Dubwise aesthetics pepper the atmosphere, never overwhelming, reminding us where we are on the map: the island. Collinjah’s vocals are playfully political, calling out ganja users of all demographics, while raising the vibe through the roof and never preaching. Expect the dancefloor to erupt with this one. Notably, the “Ganja Ting” instrumental stands on its own. Created here is a pure essential that we haven’t exactly seen yet with its boom bap beat, Dre synth lines and articulate sub bass. All of these elements are perfectly woven together while maintaining deep sound-system quality. This one could be played just as an instrumental and still turn the place out. The B-side, “Badman Place,” is a left field clash dub. At 144 BPM, the intricate riddim complicates and twists the stereo field while the ever-dropping A-bomb bass smooths thing out for the dance. You can hear Golden Eye’s deep production, with attention paid to analog depth and girth with his off the grid style. Collinjah takes it back to sound-system culture, calling out all crews to battle the Foundation for supremacy.

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Ashley Beedle & Lay-Far & Darren Morris
Slope EP (Local Talk)
Deep House / Nu-Jazz / Soulful House

Ever since the debut, “Communication EP” which also marked our 50th release, Alexander Lay-Far has a special place in the Local Talk family. Since then things have been going well with plenty more releases, tours, the launch of his label In-Beat-Ween Music plus a new full length album done. With so much things on the go we’re of course very happy to welcome Lay-Far back and with him this time, two UK house legends the needs little introduction, Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris. Together the trio produced an EP that embraces the charms of both disco and house and we think it hits on every level.

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Lichterloh (Grand Hotel van Cleef)
Rock / Hardcore / Indie Rock

The german Hardcore band Fjort releases the first song of their upcoming album “Kontakt” on Grand Hotel van Cleef. “Lichterloh” will make you crave for more, until the full album will be released on the 22th of January 2016.


Michael Lane
Liberty (Greywood Records)
Pop / Singer / Songwriter

Michael Lane releases the official song of the “Vierschanzen Tournee” 2015/2016, the biggest annual ski jumping event staged in Germany and Austria.

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Various Artists
Christians Catch Hell (Gospel Roots 1976-79)(Honest Jon’s Records)
Gospel / Soul / Funk

In 1977 Henry Stone invited Thomas Spann down to Florida. Spann was founder and leader of The Brooklyn All Stars, one of the most celebrated gospel quartets in the US; Stone headed TK Records, the biggest independent record company in the world. The All Stars’ contract with Jewel Records just happened to be ending. “He called me and asked me would I meet him in Miami,” recalls Spann. “And I flew down to Miami, and I met him and we went to this place that sold all these motor homes. He said, Pick out one, pick you out one that you want. And I did so. I drove it off the lot that same day. I didn’t take a plane back. I drove that motor home back to North Carolina.” A scorching, sublimely soulful survey of the Gospel Roots label, subsidiary of the mighty TK Records, at the height of the Miami Sound. Mastered at Abbey Road.

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Woods of Birnam
Down(Royal Tree Records)
Pop / Indie Pop

Almost one year ago, the much-noticed debutalbum by WOODS OF BIRNAM arrived and thanks to the title song for the film “Honig im Kopf“ they were on everyone’s lips pretty much right away. While they are hard at work on its predecessor at the moment, they close out the year and their “ComeTo The Woods“-Tour with yet another single from their self-titled debut.

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Sympathy for the auto industry (FJAAK Remixes) (City Slang)

City Slang is very proud to announce the Sympathy for the Auto Industry Remixes by Berlins analog techno prodigies FJAAK (50Weapons/ Monkeytown), which is an Electronic music trio from Berlin and probably the only Techno-Boyband worldwide.