Digital Logistics, Encoding and DSP Services




The finetunes DiLogE team (Digital Logistics and Encoding) has handled all necessary technical processes for the company since finetunes’ beginning in 2003. The team forms the basis of everything which happens at finetunes: the interfaces, databases, tools and all automatisations and technical workflows. the finetunes infrastructure is completely conveived, designed and realised in-house and is constantly updated and optimized – to enable us to stay independent, to be able to quickly respond to a dynamic and changing music market and to offer reliable, efficient and attractively-priced solutions to licensors and partners.



New releases can be set up 24/7 thanks to the finetunes label admin and ContentHub. When uploading audio, the ContentHub processes a full quality check on noise, zero-amplitudes or other possible problems that would lead to infringements of data integrity. The finetunes Label Admin also runs extensive quality control checks –

matching to all relevant industry style guides and metadata policies and directly alerts the finetunes product management team in case of any potential issues. The licensor is able to rely on the product management team and on having direct communication with them – in case of any problems, the combination of a personal contact at finetunes and a reliable, 24/7-accessible technical infrastructure creates fast and comprehensive solutions.



In additional to distribution services including sales and frontline marketing, finetunes is able to offer a broad range of flexible DSP (Digital Service Provider) solutions for partners – providing technical delivery solutions for those with their own established retail contracts and contacts. This pure technical infastructure service is an interesting product for licensors seeking flexible, low-cost services in the area of digital warehousing and fulfillment. Our solutions are simple, transparent, automated, efficient. As different catalogues require different approaches, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about your own tailored DSP solution and offer.


One of the main missions of our in-house Tech team is to ensure the maintenance, steady development and augmentation of the finetunes tools and infrastructure. Being independent from third party software updates and suppliers, we can offer the best possible safety and functionality, alongside fast and flexible maintenance.
All interfaces are efficiently realized and tested in-house. In case of contractual issues, finetunes can immediately enact effective catalogue takedowns, delivery blocking and other technical measures to properly represent and cover the licensors’ interests during clarifications and negotiations.
finetunes technical services and tools like PromoTool offer added value far above the standard service requirements of a digital distributor. We’re always looking to develop additional, helpful tools to simplify and optimize the daily workload of our licensors and partners – therefore we are always happy to receive feedback, requests and ideas.