Digital Media Distribution




Digital distribution with finetunes means ‘all services under one roof’, from setting up metadata for a new release, to receiving detailed monthly statements, to forming an advanced digital strategy. Always–open access to our digital tools, combined with the personal attention of the Client and Label Care team, provides technical independence and a strategic advantage. finetunes product management team contains a wealth of genre specific expertise that enables us to deliver an effective personal touch to a wide range of labels. We provide optimal market penetration, along with targeted and international sales marketing that creates visibility, awareness and successful campaigns on a global level.




Our satellite offices in key territories like the UK, US and France join forces with the German headquarters in Hamburg to offer partners tailor–made solutions and personal consultancy. We’re present around the world and ready to advise on release planning, legal questions, product packaging ideas, technical quality assurance, reporting and sales analysis. All finetunes tools are developed in-house and are constantly updated, upgraded and augmented.


Creativity is our lifeblood. Our labels provide great music and we distribute to over 400 digital services worldwide. But our work only begins when deliveries are made; the finetunes Sales & Marketing team offers personalised and targeted campaigns handled on an international basis by in–house digital marketing experts. We also deliver quality and look beyond pure commercial activity. The quality of the platforms we supply takes precedence over the quantity of them. finetunes creates realistic strategies based on an efficient presence on quality channels – this can also mean that sometimes we choose not to be present on a specific platform.



Transparency was one of the pillars of our founding philosophy and still represents a crucial aspect of our retailer and licenser relationships. finetunes is dedicated to distributing digital revenues to our partners as quickly and transparently as possible. We offer daily sales trend reports backed by full monthly sales reports and payments. Our statements cover all digital business types – all clearly itemised and explained. Our label partners also trust us as a negotiating partner in the digital world because they know we only ever sign deals that will work for their benefit. finetunes is an active member of various independent networks and organizations, supporting close relationships with retail partners and decision makers, always striving to achieve fair and equitable remuneration and value for independent licensors.



finetunes works with all relevant retailers for audiobooks and radio plays or recorded dramas. Licensors from these specific fields need customized strategies, tailor–made sales marketing and a well-structured release plan, especially when releasing seasons and series. We’ll help achieve the best results, whether you’re working with educational materials science fiction drama. With a steadily growing number of audiobook publishing houses and labels finetunes is one of the leading European distributors in this field.



Working successfully in a very fast–developing and changeable market of ebooks and epapers. The eBooks market is complex and diverse with many different technologies and formats (Amazon Kindle,  Compressed HM, FictionBook, DAISY, FlipBooks, Arghos Diffusion, TOMERaider, Open evoke, mobile applications, .pdf and .html)  finetunes is taking over the encoding and creation of the different, retailer–specific formats. We handle digital logistics as well as retailer communication and reporting. In addition to our daily processes we are striving to create new partnerships with emerging platforms to bring your content to the different devices of your fans and target groups.