Support INDEPENDENT labels and artists. SINCE 2003.

We are passionate about music, artists and labels. Since 2003 our focus has been to create fair and innovative music-driven success stories for independent labels and licensing partners. With offices in the UK, USA, France and Germany we aim to provide successful marketing soloutions for our products through daily, dedicated work. Therefore transparency and innovation are not just buzz words but some of the main pillars finetunes as a company is built on.
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Whether you’re focused on music, audiobooks, ebooks, videos or concert films, our fully in-house digital distribution operation offers a range of high quality services. You can benefit from product-focused marketing strategies, reliable and up to date technical logistics, an integrated quality control management system and – most importantly – direct personal contact with the finetunes product management team.
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Our goal is to go beyond typical marketing & distribution solutions: We seek to create synergetic partnerships, understanding the specific requirements of different genres, content types and digital business models. so that we can present your content in the best way possible on the international stage. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ – we adapt our work to fit your content and we adapt your content in various ways to it achieves its best potential on the wide range of services in the marketplace. We also provide detailed tracking and analytical reporting as a part of our daily activity.
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