How to claim and monetise music on YouTube

finetunes labels can now collect a share of advertising revenue generated around their content on YouTube. Additionally, labels can now enhance their existing YouTube channels with significant new branding and design options.  Here’s what you need to know…

Why you should work with YouTube:

Whether you love or hate YouTube, there is no doubt that Google’s video service is the second largest search engine for music lovers, second only to Google itself. Any one who quickly wants to hear a particular tune tends to search for it on YouTube, and is likely to find it there, too. (Unless, of course, you try to find it from a computer in Germany, but that is a different story.)




In most cases, if you release music, it will already be available in one form or another on YouTube. Therefore you need to take advantage of the new opportunities finetunes offers to claim your tracks and control how they are used and monetised.

In general we at finetunes have noticed that songs which are promoted with a video on the respective channels, have a much higher sales potential than those tracks without video. However, YouTube doesn’t allow labels to claim songs themselves. The good news is, finetunes can now claim the tracks on your behalf and handle all the accounting of revenue generated. The following steps are necessary:


1) Claim your tracks

We will assume that you would like to monetise your content on YouTube. Labels which do not wish to monetise content on YouTube should specifically request via their label manager to opt out of this service.  Our deliveries enable YouTube to teach its sound recognition system what audio belongs to your label. Should any one then use your music in their videos, you can, through finetunes, claim a share of any advertising revenue generated around that video.

2) Claim your channel

If you have your own channel (or several channels) for your artists or label, you can also register these through finetunes. This enables us to claim  your share of advertising revenue generated on those channels. There are further significant advantages to claiming your channel: enhancements which will be added to your existing channel page…

  • Branding: Once you have registered your channel via finetunes, you will gain many new options for branding your channel, e.g. using banners, side column images and custom branding for the ‘Watchpage’, all of which can be linked to external websites.
  • Run time: Unlike ‘normal’ channels, you will be granted the option to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.
  • Size matters: You will also be granted the option to upload videos of a much larger file size than the standard allowance.
  • Thumbnails: You will be able to choose and upload custom thumbnail images for your videos, rather than the random image which YouTube generates from images within your video.

In short: if you don’t claim your tracks or channels, you miss out on advertising-related revenue. Also, if you let finetunes register your channel for you, YouTube grants you greatly enhanced  design and branding options, all from within your existing channel management page.

finetunes can instantly monetise the use of all sound recordings which you have committed to us. However, to broaden the revenue that can be generated with music videos themselves, we recommend that labels submit all their catalogue videos to finetunes for ingestion and upload to relevant platforms such as YouTube,, etc. Only once we have your videos in the system are we able to monetise usage of them.

Speak to the Label Care team to find out more.