Improving your artist presence – Apple Music Connect verification

Apple Music Connect

Our recent posts have been looking at the benefits of verification on different platforms like Shazam and Spotify for artists. To conclude this verification miniseries we will now look at Apple Music.

If your music is available on Apple Music you will have the opportunity to sign up to Connect and gain verification on the platform.

Completing this process gives you the ability to post with your artist profile which should help increase your fan engagement. By sharing your content through Connect you can create a one stop shop for all your music and activity on your artist page. Connect works like many popular social media channels by being usefully customizable.

One thing to keep in mind is artists can only post to to Apple Music Connect using one of the following devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac. Which could be a definite draw back for some.

Our favourite features includes the option to present high quality music videos on your artist page and also the ability to point out with the platform to live tickets and other important aspects of an artist’s career.


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