Music Works celebrates music tech in Hamburg

Last night (JUNE 28) saw three companies sharing the inaugural Music Works Awards for businesses which combine music and technology.

Sharing the 50,000 Euro prize money were three winners: a new portal for classical music (, the concept for a digital villa for musicians (Hanseplatte) and an innovative way of selling music through online game play (BeatBuddy).

The Music Works Awards are a new initiative of the City of Hamburg and the Kreativ Gesellschaft (the city-owned company which supports creative businesses).

Winners of the the third prize at this year’s event were, the website of a well-established guide to classical music in Hamburg and Berlin. The website is now being rolled out across Germany and aims to become the leading destination for anything to do with concerts of classical music.

Second prize was awarded to the team behind the record store Hanseplatte, a shop in the heart of Hamburg which features only music and related items by musicians from the city. Hanseplatte introduced their idea of a virtual villa, where each artist can have a room with background info, videos and of course music. The artists will present their own music in their rooms but also other music which they love, in order to give the visitor a true ‘personal’ insight into each artist.

Winner of the top award on the night was the start-up BeatBuddy. Their idea: games where you ‘play’ a song. The game is interwoven with the song playing in the background and after completing the level, you can download the song. Not only do the guys from Beat Buddy want to introduce a new gaming concept but also give artists and labels another fun way to monetise their music.

finetunes congratulates all three winners and will watch their progress carefully.