New Music Highlights – Penguin Cafe Orchestra


Dear friends,

We are throwing a special spotlight this week on a long musical legacy that is still going strong decades after it’s founding.

Like us, you may have attended the fantastic Erased Tapes is Ten celebrations in London last September and you will have had the pleasure of witnessing the epic live performance of the Penguin Cafe. For this reason, we are very excited to announce that there will be a 20th anniversary event in celebration of the legend that is the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. It will be held this month on the 11th at the Union Chapel in London.

Performance of Ricercar featuring Nils Frahm taken from their latest album The Imperfect Sea.

Today also marks the re-issue of the Union Cafe which was the “fifth, and the last studio album by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. It was initially released in 1993 merely on cassette and CD, and will now be given a new breath of life, for the first time available on vinyl/digital formats, giving it another chance to reach old and new fans alike.”

Click Here to purchase your own copy today.

A limited amount of singed prints by Emily Young, partner of the original founder of the PCO Simon Jeffes, is available at the Erased Tapes gallery in London. Click Here

As always, there is plenty more for you to discover below, what are you waiting for?

Your finetuners

Water (Majestic Casual Records)
Electronic / Pop / R&B
Formerly operating under their stage name Egokind & Ozean they started making music in 2010 and released their debut album „Transition“ on the Cologne-based label „Traum Schallplatten“. During this period they toured around European clubs as a DJ duo and live-act and played gigs in Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the US. Since 2012 Jan and Andreas have also been signed as producers at BMG Rights Management and have produced numerous artists such as Alle Farben, Yasha, Lovra, L Devine and many more. For the multi-national selling single „She Moves“ by german EDM artist Alle Farben they received a golden record in 2015. ”Water” is the first single from BLYNE’s forthcoming EP.

Union Cafe (Erased Tapes)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Bloom (Majestic Casual Records)
Alternative / Indie Pop
Ardency is the group project of Christian Gomez and Daniel Noguera, two L.A. transplants by way of Fort Lauderdale. Brought together by a mutual love for analog gear, poignant melodies, and Fleetwood Mac, the two have created an affecting, slow-rolling space. Their latest EP, ‘The Ones That Miss Me’ is a sincere representation of their background and inspiration as artists;vintage synth-work, heartfelt musicality, and unique sound design. Sequenced with the single release, ‘Bloom’ due on December 1st, and another single in January, the full EP ‘The Ones That Miss Me’ is set to land February 2018.

Beat Solèr
Der Mann aus dem Eis (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Port au Prince Music)
Movie Soundtracks / Film
Vor 5.300 Jahren in der Jungsteinzeit. Eine Großfamilie lebt friedlich an einem Bach in den Ötztaler Alpen. Während der Anführer Kelab auf der Jagd ist, wird seine Siedlung überfallen und die gesamte Sippe ermordet. Getrieben von Schmerz und Wut hat Kelab nur noch ein Ziel – Vergeltung! Der Score zum Film von Beat Solèr wurde mit dem Sinfonieorchester Sofia (SIF 309) aufgenommen. Der Soundtrack unterstützt die archaische Welt und kommt mit rein analogen Mitteln aus. Nebst Percussion, Flöte und Cello-Effekten von Beat Solèr selbst, unterstützen die Streicher den epischen Aspekt des Films.