New Music Highlights – 01st of September 2017: Ellen Allien, Queen Alaska, Fern


Dear friends,

Every Friday there is so much to listen to, with so little time to do so. Let us suggest a few gems for you to check out this week.

If you like techno and electronic music, you will definitely like Ellen Allien. And if you don’t know who she is? Do yourself a favour and find out. As predicted her seventh solo LP “Nost” was a verified success, contemporary sounds with influences from the best of early Berlin Techno. We now have some remixes available which gives the Nost tracks whole new dimensions, think Emmanuel Top, ROD, K-HAND and Skudge.

Escapism for many people is what music is all about. When you listen to Queen Alaska, you can’t help but be drawn in to her private universe. Composed with classical roots, vocals with feeling and far from cliché swaths of dreamy electronic pop. Interlude of the Inner Voice I / II is her debut EP that contains six songs and is the first half of an album; it’s totally atmospheric and totally Queen Alaska.

Where’s your alternative hit for this week you ask? Right here folks. Fern is a bit dark, no frills and very listenable. Even for those who like to stay in their comfort zone and rarely step in to the Alt unknown. You should definitely give this one a spin if you like Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel, The Black Queen and Björk.

There’s more below for your listening pleasure.

Your finetuners

Ellen Allien 
Nost RMXS 1 (BPitch Control)
Techno / Detroit Techno 

Earlier this year Ellen Allien dropped her seventh solo LP, ‘Nost’. The album provided a link between the past and the future, blending influences from the very early days of Berlin techno with contemporary sounds and, of course, a vision of the future. Now we have the first batch of specially commissioned remixes, taking Ellen’s original works in a new direction with four artists delivering their own interpretations of the music featured on the LP. Emmanuel Top, ROD, K-HAND and Skudge are the first ensemble of techno titans to administer the remix treatment to tracks from ‘Nost’.


Roddy Woomble
The Deluder Roddy Woomble (A Modern Way)
R&B / Pop / Electronic

The Deluder is the new album from Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble, out 1 September 2017.


FERN is distance. FERN is a feeling we all know: a journey through emptiness undertaken to face our innermost fears. The effort to find a dawning light in the darkest corners of our memories. Melancholic, dark, unprettified and hypnotic. FERN explores the worlds of digital and analogue spheres. The music orbits the tangible past and the unprecedented future. All while combining distinctive rhythm with vivid singing. For fans of Apparat, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel, The Black Queen, Björk, Anohni, IAMX.

Mister Tweeks
ATL x BXL, Vol.2 (feat. BlaB) (Pelican Fly)
Hip Hop

New Single by Mister Tweeks feat. BlaB!


Burn (feat. klei) (About To Shine)
New Single by Lavid featuring klei!

Captain Gips 
Klar zum Kentern (Audiolith)
Alternative Hip Hop / Old School / Punk 
Hip Hop auf Audiolith von Captain Gips!

Queen Alaska
Interlude of the Inner Voice I / II (Queen Alaska)
Pop / Ambient
Debut EP by Queen Alaska!

Johnny Mauser
Mausmission (Audiolith)
Alternative Hip Hop / Old School / Punk 
Hip Hop auf Audiolith von Johnny Mauser!