New Music Highlights – 03rd of November 2017: Null+Void, Khruangbin, Acid Jesus


Dear friends,

We are back with several new highlights ranging through a distinct number of genres: Null + Void presents his debut album “Cyrosleep” featuring prominent guest appearances by Dave Gahan and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Thai Funk virtuosos Khruangbin return to Late Night Tales with a new single & techno heavyweights Acid Jesus aka Jörn Wuttke & Roman Flügel rereleasing their back catalogue on Alter Ego Recordings.

There is plenty more to see and hear below, just keep on scrolling.

Your finetuners

Cryosleep (hfn music)
Electronic / Electronica
Cryosleep is the debut album from Null + Void, the alias of prolific New York producer Kurt Uenala featuring guest apperances by Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Shannon Funchess plus many more …

Maria También (Late Night Tales)
Thai Funk virtuosos Khruangbin are taking a break from their extensive touring schedule and releasing their highly anticipated new Single “Maria También” via Late Night Tales.

the other shi
Bodylotion (the other shi)
Electropop / Pop / Synthpop
Second EP of Electro Pop Newcomer the other shi.


Acid Jesus
Flashbacks 1992-1998 (Alter Ego Recordings)
Situated in Germany’s then blistering techno scene and especially a mirror of Frankfurt at the time and it’s holy label trinity of Playhouse, Klang aond Ongaku, Flashbacks are also a feedback loop to what was happening in the UK and the USA. Flügel and Wuttke succeeded with their own and unique take on it, that owned as much to Underground Resistance and the Belleville Three as it did to Sven Väth and Andrew Weatherall.

Deepak Sharma 
Annapurna (Hidden Recordings)
Hidden Recordings Label boss, Deepak Sharma deliver a three track gem on his solo debut for his imprint, Hidden Recordings. Within Annapurna lies his varied interpretations of techno vividly on display, all unique in their own ways but with a consistent, underlying gritty tone the label is famed for.

Black Heino
Weniger Staat (Tapete Records)
The well known Berlin based electronic music ensemble BRANDT BRAUER FRICK have put their hands on BLACK HEINO‘s “Weniger Staat” and remodelled the original German Wave flavored song to a repetitive deep Electronica track. BLACK HEINO is a three piece Alternative Rock band from Berlin. “Weniger Staat” originally was released on their 2016 debut album “Heldentum und Idiotie”.

Alpha Steppa
Dub Kingdom (Steppas Records)
Dub, Reggae, Bass
Steppas Records presents Alpha Steppa’s ‘3rd Kingdom’ in dub! Currently championed by a range of soundsystems and DJs from across the bass music spectrum; from Roots veterans Channel One Sounsystem and the legendary Jah Shaka Soundystem to UK Steppers pioneers Iration Steppas an Dubstep household names such as V.I.V.E.K & Rusko.