New Music Highlights – 03th of March2017: Dapayk & Padberg, Moglii, Allred & Broderick


Dear friends,

Here are our highlight releases for the 27th to the 5th of March.

We have some nice outputs by the likes of Sepalot, Boddhi Satva & We Were Strangers. Furthermore, let us welcome to the finetunes family new signing ‘Lazare Hoche Records’. The label from Parisian Deep House hero Lazare Hoche!

Want more? You got it! check out our further highlight releases below.

Your finetuners

Dapayk & Padberg
Harbour (Fenou)
Always keep moving, never stand still; a motto that Dapayk & Padberg have been following consistently for more than ten years in every respect. They are passionate sound nomads who capture acoustic impressions of their exciting journey. Each album is a sound logbook, which captures memories in the form of beats, tunes and skits. On ‘Sink This Ship’, released a few months ago, the Berlin based duo provided a first glimpse of what you can expect from Dapayk & Padberg in 2017, with their new album ‘Harbour’!


Breath SINGLE (Majestic Casual Records)
Electronic / Pop

Moglii is the solo project of 24 year old producer, singer and jazz pianist Simon Ebener Holscher. The musician, based in Duesseldorf, Germany, spends his time creating unique productions of warm beats, analogue synthesizers and soulful vocal samples. His modern electronic compositions are often supplemented by acoustic instruments and an organic soundscape, with the help of field recordings of coffee machines, shopping bags or cactuses!
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Yves Larock feat. Mr. Mike
Legacy of House EP (Facial Records)

Legacy Of House is a new song from Yves Larock (Rise Up, Zookey) in colaboration with Mr Mike (Put Your Hands Up, Pump It Up). The history of house music in one song!

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Love Inside (Sound4Label)
Deep House / Electro / Electro House

A new breed of house music: Fijin is out to bring the melody back in the game with his ‘Love Inside EP’ packed with three vocal uplifting tracks for a soothing experience!

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Virtual Plants
Sleeping on Trains (Normoton)
Electronica / Electropop

‘Sleeping On Trains’ has nothing of being shrill or loud, doesn’t want to force itself upon you. Nor will you get any fancy gimmickry. Its gentle, natural beauty always remains clear and without disguises. With its compositional lucidity and tonal aesthetics it’s an album which sometimes reminds you of bands like The XX or Maggie Rogers. Enticing melodies from varying synths, sometimes accentuated by an electric guitar embedded in effects; discreetly pushing beats; and the enchanting voice of and poetry by Manuela Doetsch. Sometimes less is just more!

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Beverly Glenn Copeland
Keyboard Fantasies (Invisible City Editions)
Ambient / Electronica

By Invisible City Editions’ standards, Beverly Glenn Copeland’s 1986 album, Keyboard Fantasies, is not that obscure. Of course, it’s barely known to most in the UK, but original copies are nowhere near as pricey as some of the records they reissue. It is, though, a fine album, with Glenn Copeland adding weary, emotion-rich vocals to her own evocative, synthesizer-heavy soundscapes. Musically, it’s something of a curiosity, sitting somewhere between art rock, lofi synth soul, early synth wave and new age ambience!

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Hey Stranger TRACK (Erased Tapes)
Alternative / Singer / Songwriter

Peter Broderick returns with Allred & Broderick – a duo project between him and his musical partner David Allred – with their second single from their upcoming album ‘Find The Ways’ out on April 7th 2017!

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Jupiter, Pt. II (Glitterhouse Records)
Alternative / Indie Pop

On October 7th, Blaudzun released the first of his three part album cycle Jupiter: Jupiter Part I. According to Rolling Stone Germany, Part I was ‘…a genuinely powerful musical statement.’ Blaudzun has now announced the second installment. Jupiter Part II contains brisk new songs exemplar to Blaudzun’s knack for stunning arrangements and large scale sonic inquiry. This time, sounds testimonial to the German kraut rock movement, 80s Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and contemporary indie pop have shaped the Dutch songwriter’s (real name Johannes Sigmond) unique songwriting acumen. Jupiter II is slated for release on March 3rd. Over the breadth of nine tracks, Blaudzun’s unmistakably rich timbre and shrewd pop melodies permeate more than ever….!

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Joy Wellboy
Les pieds dans la merde, la tête dans les étoiles (Joy Wellboy)
Alternative / Pop

Third album from the French Pop Duo (formerly on BPitch Control), right before touring through Middle Europe in March!

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Tim Kasher
No Resolution (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
Alternative / Indie Rock / Singer / Songwriter

Return of Solo Artist Tim Kasher (known from his bands ‘Cursive’ and ‘The Good Life’) with his third album!

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Patrick Richardt
Soll die Zeit doch vergehen (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
Indie Rock / Pop / Singer / Songwriter

The Singer / Songwriter from Krefeld, Germany is back with new album!

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Marie Kruttli Trio
Running After the Sun (QFTF)

It’s the sun that shapes our daily reality. It’s passion that drives my music. The will to see and hear, to shape stories that vanish as night comes and that bring new meaning and hope with a new dawn. Let’s face darkness but Run After the Sun: Listen to Marie Kruttlie Trio!

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Markus Harm Quartet
Dig It? (Rosenau Records)

Markus Harm studied Jazz saxophone with Klaus Graf, Steffen Schorn and Hubert Winter, was a member of the renowned German Bundesjazzorchester and won numerous awards such as Best National Soloist at ‘Jugend jazzt’. He forms part of high class Jazz artists such as the Sunday Night Orchestra, Dusko Goykovich Munich Big Band or the upcoming Rebecca Trescher Ensemble. Now he releases his debut album ‘Dig it?’ with his fabulous quartet MHQ!


Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie
Formes SINGLE (Lazare Hoche Records)

Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie team up for a long building hypnotic old schoolish 909 driven track on the Aside and a Dance Mania inspired track on the flip!

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Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie
I Don’t Sync So, Pt. 1 EP (Lazare Hoche Records)
House / Vocal House

Raw collab EP between Malin Génie and Lazare Hoche. Rare 5 tracks mini album by the two talented young producers: Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie. Groundbreaking house tracks, highly recommended!

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Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie
I Don’t Sync So, Pt. 2 (Lazare Hoche Records)
House / Deep House

Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie team up again for with the second installment in their ‘I Don’t Sync So’ series, in the form of a full eight-track album. You can expect to find a variety of styles and atmospheres from a selection of grooving analogue house bangers to deeper tracks and a killer song feat. Mar. It’s a formula that has garnered widespread praise from within the house music world, from godfathers like Kerri Chandler to highly influential newcomers such as Bicep and many others!

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