New Music Highlights – 04th of August 2017: Agatino Romero, Jacob Bellens, B. Fisher


Dear friends,

A lot of this week’s highlights are coming fresh to you from the city of Hamburg, home of the finetunes HQ.

First up is DJ Agatino Romero with his straight up quality pop dance track I Won’t Stop Loving You. He is a first generation Hamburg citizen of Italian roots with all the panache and style to prove it.

Another of the city’s residents is label hfn Music who bring us Danish producer Jacob Bellens. You may know him from last year’s Untouchable hit. Just in time for summer he hooks us up with his new track Whenever which is all the electronic pop.

Finally we will make special mention of the one and only B. Fisher. He is known for his unique style of rapping (which interestingly he does not like to be labelled as a rapper for) and his Youtube platform ItsATrap. Check out his newest work The Art of Expression and be as impressed with it as we are.

Your finetuners

Agatino Romero
I Won’t Stop Loving You SINGLE (Feed Me Records)
Dance / Pop

In the beginning there is excitement. Agatino Romero’s family comes from Catania, Sicily, with a big passion for life, soccer and music. Born in Hamburg but still a real Italian. In collaboration with his producer team and the singer ConrowAgatino’s new single is now released: ‘I Won’t Stop Loving You’!

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Jacob Bellens
Whenever SINGLE (hfn music)
Electronic / Pop

Following on from his recent album ‘Polyester Skin’ and from the success of the single ‘Untouchable’, Jacob Bellens is yet to present his newest work – right in time for the summer!

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Existence Problem SINGLE (Pelican Fly)

Pelican Fly, who helped Cashmere Cat rise to fame by releasing his very first tracks, found another Norwegian prodigy producer that goes by the name of Marius. He’s only released two songs so far, but these have gathered hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify and Soundcloud already!

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B. Fisher
The Art of Expression (About To Shine)
HipHop / RnB / Pop

B. Fisher is a producer / rapper with an innovative style and positive view on earth. The 18 year old Dutch native is mostly known because of his unique style as a rapper (however doesn’t like being labeled as one) and because of his YouTube platform ItsATrap with 181k subscriber. Now he releases a new 5-track EP via About To Shine!

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Los Temperamentos
Klein, Le Bailly, Stradella & Kircher: Amor Y Locura (arcantus Musikproduktion)
Classic / Baroque / Ancient Instruments

Amor Y Locura – Love and Madness. With this new publication the ensemble Los Temperamentosaddresses a question as old as mankind itself: Can there be passion without insanity? Is passion, after all, emerging from insanity? During this fascinating new recording of the young label arcantus, the audience is introduced to the baroque composers’ various takes on this matter. A music full of wild thirst for revenge and baroque reverie interwoven with wonderful intimate moments and lively, danceable improvisations!

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