New Music Highlights – 06th of October 2017: Kiasmos, Martin Kohlstedt, FJØRT


Dear friends,

Regardless of your plans this lovely Friday evening. We almost certainly have you covered got you, our releases are just that varied and fully excellent this week.

It’s been long awaited (two years in the making actually), that new EP from Kiasmos has finally landed. It’s a new beginning for the duo Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen after two years of touring. With initial thoughts of taking their writing down a darker path, its ended up being one of their most upbeat releases to date. The EP boasts huge remixes from both Bonobo, Stimming and to be honest we can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re taking things down a step and fancy a more introspective listening experience. Martin Kohlstedt’s track AMS is what you need, its neoclassical piano music with deep emotion and clarity of purpose. Kohlstedt’s live performances are always singular and immensely passionate, he has plenty of European dates happening over the next few months which will all be must sees.

Don’t worry you lovers of all that is metal, we haven’t forgot about you either. Post hardcore band FJØRT present us with the title track of their upcoming album Couleur, focusing on the melodic side of things, taken to dark places. You can check out right now a really nice live video which acts like a short doc., unveiling 3 of the bands album songs, along with a organ rendition of the track Kurek.

Want more? Scroll down and help yourself.

Your finetuners

Blurred (Erased Tapes) 
Electronica / Ambient / Electronic
Kiasmos mark their return in 2017 with a new EP titled Blurred — available worldwide on October 6th via Erased Tapes.

Hazey Eyes
Love Is (Majestic Casual Records)

Second Single from the upcomming EP which will be released on November 10th.


Erin K
Little Torch (T 3 records)
Debut Album of Erin K – soft Pop with meaningful lyrics!

The Sweeps
The Traveller (Emerald & Doreen Records)
Indie Disco
Coinciding with their 10th anniversary Hamburg’s The Sweeps returned earlier this year with a new studio album – BRIGHT AFTER SUNSET. Now the band and Emerald & Doreen team up to deliver 3 action packed remix packages for the three most acclaimed single tracks, featuring all the ingredients that make the Sweeps what they are.


Couleur (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
Rock / Hardcore / Punk
First Single of the upcoming & new FJØRT Album.


Vestigial (Pelagic Records)
Heavy Metal
Lo!’s 3rd full length album “Vestigial” is next level. The songs are well-crafted and have a larger scope, the sound is heavy yet organic, there is a great harmonic density behind the stupefyingly heavy riffs and the band sounds tighter than ever before. .

Martin Kohlstedt 
AMS (Edition Kohlstedt)
Alternative / Electronica
At first “AMS” comes across a little bit staggered when Martin Kohlstedt hits the first keys. But then the piano rises up in slow motion, with an eerie presence, the final breath before a scream. Suddenly an unexpected exhale. When his fingers begin to move again, “AMS” shows itself in absolute clarity and makes everything else disappear. .

Herzbluat (H’art Records)
German Pop
Mit „Herzbluat“ beweisen die Schürzenjäger, dass sie nicht nur zu Recht als Gottväter des Genres Alpenrocks gelten – ein Genre, auf dessen Fundament Andreas Gabalier seinen Volks Rock’n’Roll errichtet hat und damit Stadien füllt. Vielmehr präsentieren die 6 Musiker eindrücklich, dass sie alles mitbringen, was auch andere große Rockbands viele Epochen hat überdauern lassen.

Jace, Jin & Cal Vin
20Gs Podium (Kabul Fire Records)
Hip Hop 
Mini Compilation mit Beiträgen von Jace, Jin und Cal Vin.

Moop Mama
Live, Vol. 1 (Mutterkomplex))
Hip Hop
Live Album von Hip Hop Gruppe Moop Mama.