New Music Highlights – 07th of April 2017: Mogli, LAKE, Timber Timbre


Dear friends,

Here are our top releases for the 3rd to the 9th of April.

Mogli, LAKE and Timber Timbre’s newest releases show them at their best!

Want more? You got it! check out our further highlight releases below.

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Road Holes SINGLE (Mogli)
Alternative / Indie Pop
German singer / songwriter Mogli releases the second single ‘Road Holes’ from her upcoming album ‘Wanderer’ and right before the world premiere of her road movie ‘Expedition Happiness’!


Forever or Never (Tapete Records)
Pop / Indie Pop
‘Forever or Never’ is a collection of humanistic songs that explore the complications of moral and spiritual being in a hostile world. Musically, LAKE are, as always, unparalleled in re-imagining and renewing the melodic language of 1970s soft-rock, (think Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, The Roches, Laura Nyro, etc), implementing jazz-chord voicings, memorable hooks and a wide palette of colorful, inventive instrumentation. LAKE’s musical kindling is unusual for a band whose genesis was rooted in the punk and indie community – before signing to legendary K Records (for their 2nd album ‘Oh,The Places We’ll Go’, 2008) Calvin Johnson apparently couldn’t believe a band from the Olympia underground would be so keen on reinterpreting the music of mainstream pop acts from a bygone era. LAKE has since converted him, and many more, to a re-sensitized appreciation of big musical ideas, which are non-cynical, joyous, inviting!


Timber Timbre
Sincerely, Future Pollution (City Slang)

On ‘Sincerely, Future Pollution’, the band coats the stark, sensual sound of 2014’s Polaris Music Prize Short-Listed and JUNO Award-nominated album ‘Hot Dreams’ in an oil-black rainbow of municipal grime. It is the cinema of a dizzying dystopia, rattled by the science fiction of this bluntly nonfictional time!
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Allred & Broderick
Find the Ways (Erased Tapes)
Alternative / Singer / Songwriter

Peter Broderick returns with Allred & Broderick – a duo project between him and his musical partner David Allred – and their debut album ‘Find The Ways’ out on April 7th 2017!
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Martin Kohlstedt
OMBLEH SINGLE (Edition Kohlstedt)
Alternative / Instrumental / Piano

‘Tag’ and ‘Nacht’ are Martin Kohlstedts first two solo piano albums, referring to each other. The connection is most evident in the last and first piece of the records, ‘OMB’ and ‘LEH’ respectively, which are not only Kohlstedt oldest children but siblings musicwise, transcending into each other. Since Kohlstedt created his own modular system of compositions it made sense to highlight this conversation with a special version of ‘OMBLEH’, where all boundaries are blurred and out of the familiar themes a whole new piece arises!

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After the Eulogy: 20th Anniversary Live in Berlin (End Hit Records)
Alternative / Pop Punk

In 2014, US Post-Hardcore band Boysetsfire celebrated their 20th anniversary with a series of special shows. For this, they played their iconic album ‘After the Eulogy’ at the Lido in Berlin, front to back. Originally released on Victory Records in 2000, it was the band second full length album and contains 14 Hardcore / Punk tracks which will go straight into your ears!

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Julien Villa
Away (Sodasound)

Julien Villa drops a new EP including six pumping Electronic tunes via Sodasound!

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Foxxy (Robsoul)

The ‘Foxxy’ Ep finds D’Julz in a playful mood. ‘Ze Fox’ opens up with its stretched filters, funky guitar lick and merry vocal. The jittery hats of ‘Big Kid’ follows with its disco loops and sunshine vibe delivering smiles for miles, making you, yeah, feel like a big kid. ’Next’ is the cute little heartbreaker that brings this ‘Foxxy’ Ep to a close. Its rough, juddering and yet grooving bassline is matched with synth washes, piercing snares and bird calls to create a perfect finale to a perfect EP!

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Marcel Vogel
Moonchild (Remixes) (Intimate Friends)
Deep House / Soulful House / Tribal

This record includes remixes of Marcel Vogel’s 2016 EP ‘Being Human’ by NY*AK, Soul Clap, Soulphiction and Simba and is released via Intimate Friends!

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hamburg elektronisch – Spring 17 EP (hamburg elektronisch)
Deep House / Electronic

Hamburg has always been modest about itself – it’s not the kind of city that shouts too loudly about the various treasures it holds. That’s why it’s always a pleasure when a new chapter of the Hamburg Elektronisch series lands – finally the city’s underground scene allows itself a little moment in the limelight. The compilations already released under Hamburg Elektronisch have portrayed a city rich in creativity and diversity, showcasing some of the most exciting artists active in electronic music today – wherever the location. Therefore the series has now been formed into a label!

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European Song (Bureau B)
Krautrock / Electronica

Listening to Kreidler’s ‘European Song’, the validity of the approach is apparent from the very first bars. There is an immediacy to these songs, an alertness, a readiness for action. The album title refers to the history of a continent that has previously surpassed all others in self-destruction!

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Marina P
Something New (Homeys Records)

Homeys Records new release ‘Something New’ features the first collaboration between Marina P and the upcoming french producer KSD. Once the original track was completed, the vocals were given to three other producers close to the italian singer for remixing. Stand High Patrol’s version offers a jazzy take on the track with unexpected footwork influences. TWM, for his very first release, presents a steppers version made for the soundsystem. Homeys brings a roots reggae touch with a flute part that leads the theme!


Stand High Patrol
My Research SINGLE (stand high)
Hip Hop / Reggae

New Single from French Dub & Reggae dudes, released on their own label stand high.