New Music Highlights – 08th of September 2017: Christian Löffler, Pixelife, Hazy Eyes


Dear friends,

We are feeling grateful at finetunes today. Grateful for the fact so many of you out there take the time to listen to our artist’s music! It’s a real privilege to be part of the process, thank you.

So let’s dive in to today’s releases.

Christian Löffler’s reworks album is here, it’s jammed packed and all about the Mare remixes. Its listening experience is huge and so is the line up. Think Max Cooper, Robot Koch, Zimmer, Parra for Cuva and plenty more!

We have a first from Samo Records and it comes in the form of Pixelife (Sean Dack), a highly accomplished visual artist and veteran of NYC’s underground. You’re welcome along for the ride as Samo Records embarks on an exploration to the dancefloor depths celebrating the darker, moodier facets of electronic music.

The first single from Majestic Casual’s Hazey Eyes is called Some Reason (feat. FEELDS). It’s not hard to imagine this artist was initially drawn to classical music. It’s the first track from an upcoming EP which boasts counter point arrangements and soft piano fills that work beautifully with the electronic production.

Keep on moving down for some more great releases.

Your finetuners

Christian Löffler
Mare Reworks (Ki Records)
Electronica / Alternative / Electronic

Remix LP of Christian Löfflers “Mare” with remixes by Superpoze, Max Cooper, Tiger Lou plus many more …


Sexy Lazer & Oculus
Sisters & Brothers, Vol. 3 (hfn music) 
Electronic / Indie Disco

The Sisters & Brothers series on hfn music continues apace with the next release – this time by Sexy Lazer and Oculus.


Chimeras in the Matrix (SAMO Records)
Electro / Electronic
First release comes from Pixelife. In addition to releasing on such respected labels as Throne of Blood, Horn Wax, and Let’s Play House, he also makes up half of GHOST COP, a band known for its textured synths, iconic vocals, dissonant beats, and captivating live sets. Incorporating the same expert sonic-layering techniques he employs in his live analog sets, he’s created a dynamic EP that’s both intimate in feel and broad in scope. Remixes by Antoni Maiovvi, who heads up Giallo Disco Records with Vercetti Technicolor, and Tronik Youth is co-head of the prolific NEIN Records.

god’s on our side; welcome to the jungle (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
Hip Hop
Grand Hotel van Cleef goes Hardcore …


Hazey Eyes
Some Reason (feat. FEELDS) (Majestic Casual Records)
First Single of the new EP which follows early October!


Vorschuss (Flavour Gang)
Hip Hop 
Debut Album von Hip Hop Newcommer JACE!