New Music Highlights – 10th of March 2017: Sepalot, Boddhi Satva, We Were Strangers, Mogli


Dear friends,

Here are our highlight releases for the 06th to the 12th of March.

We have some nice outputs by the likes of Sepalot, Boddhi Satva & We Were Strangers. 

Furthermore we say ‘Welcome’ to the new Finetunes family member Mogli!

Want more? You got it! check out our further highlight releases below.

Your finetuners

Beautiful feat. Adriano (Eskapaden Musik)
Whatever Sepalot does, it’s held together by his own unique aesthetic, a sonic signature which stamps everything he does as his and his alone!


Alaska SINGLE (Mogli)
Alternative / Pop

Mogli is a highly talented German singer / songwriter who had a stunning success with her first record ‘Bird’, combined with a documentary / movie named ‘Pedal the World’. Now, after another outstanding trip from Alaska to South America, the second documentary called ‘Expedition Happiness’ will be released in cinemas in May and announced on March, 9th. The Single ‘Alaska’ is the leading track for the movie and can be heard in the official trailer. Her second album ‘Wanderer’ is also to follow in May and inspired by the soul of the countries she travelled through!
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Boddhi Satva
Love will feat. Bilal (Offering Recordings)
Deep House / House

Bilal’s voice has always been a source of inspiration for Boddhi Satva as a producer. His voice, tone and range carry a uniq vibration that resonates deeply. Upon solidifying a collaboration in 2016, tracks where produced and submitted to long time friend and collaborator Marcus Logan. ‘Love Will’ is the testament of different worlds coming together as one!
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Jesse Futerman
You are never alone (Omena)
Deep House

Once referred to as ‘one of the best producers you haven’t heard of yet’ and championed by Gilles Peterson on his radio show many times, Toronto stalwart Jesse Futerman is a producer on the rise. With tracks out on fine labels such as Church (One For Fallafel King) and Local Talk’s OneOffs (Life Is A Gamble) 
Mr Futerman is making his debut on Omena!

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Terry Francis
Together (Hallucienda)
Deep House / House / Tech House

Hallucienda presents Terry Francis’s Together, an artist album comprised of Terry’s previous vinyl only EPs on Hallucination Limited alongside three unreleased tracks from the Change EP sessions featuring vocals by Ricardo Afonso. The original London tech-house sound is both fully realized and personified in Terry Francis via perennial DJ staples like ‘Free’ and ‘Rosie and Hannah House’, and then taken one step further into proper house territory with the vocal contributions of Ricardo on tracks like ‘Through My Veins’ and ‘Together’!

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Mary Ocher
The West against the People (Klangbad)
Alternative / Electronic / Electropop

New album by edgy Berlin Singer / Songwriter Mary Ocher!

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Sun Sounds (Insular)
Indie Pop / Pop / Singer / Songwriter

‘The Cities’ is the first single from the new album ‘Sun Sounds’ by the Hamburg based duo Binoculers. The song perfectly represents the band’s dreamy and soft melancholia composition and immaculate songwriting. Their self-produced album is strictly DIY, from music production to artwork and video shooting. ‘Sun Sounds’ captures a zeitgeist that is in between reclusiveness and a slightly positive foresight!

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We Were Strangers
Beneath a broken Sky (Stargazer Records)
Indie Pop / Pop / Singer / Songwriter

We Were Strangers releasing their debut album ‘Beneath a broken Sky’ featuring a very dreamy Indie Pop sound!

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Otago (Mairisch Verlag)
Alternative / Singer / Songwriter

New Band from ‘Spaceman Spiff’ founder Hannes Wittmer releasing first self titled album right before touring through Germany in March and April!

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sir Was
Digging a Tunnel (City Slang)

sir Was’ debut full length, Digging A Tunnel, is an album that constantly bucks trends and confounds expectations. Boasting a continually evolving sound that remains nonetheless unified, it comes as close as any record can to defying description. It boasts, an effortless flow, reflected in Wästberg’s vocal delivery, which shifts from falsetto to a groove-like spoken word which circles round the beat rather than landing on it. It is, in short, brilliantly restless and boldly alive!

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Digger Barnes
Near Exit 27 (Barnes & Quincy)
Alternative Country / Country / Americana

Digger Barnes releasing his next album on his own label ‘Barnes & Quincy’ for the first time!

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Ultramega OK (Sub Pop)
Indie Rock / Pop / Singer / Songwriter

Deluxe Reissue of their 1990 debut album, originally released on SST Records. Completely remixed and remastered by the band’s longtime producer Jack Endino, and including previously unreleased early versions of the songs. During their career, Soundgarden have sold more than 9 million records, including a Billboard #1 album and multiple Platinum awards!

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Worlds Unknown (End Hits Records)

AYS releasing their new powerful Rock album after their 2013 EP ‘Suburban Haze’!

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Alkohol & Melancholie (Quasilectric)
Rock / Punk

Antilopen Gang stage band musician Männi releases his first solo album!

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Rainald Grebe
Das Elfenbeinkonzert (Versöhnungsrecords)
Comedy & Cabaret / Comedy & Humour / Pop

Vier Jahre nach seinem letzten Soloalbum, setzt sich der deutsche Kabarettist Reinald Grebe wieder ans Piano und veröffentlicht ein exzellentes Live Album!

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