New Music Highlights – 10th of November 2017: Anne Müller, Sebastian Reynolds & Alex Stolze, Spook the Horses


Dear friends

One aspect of finetunes we are very proud of is the sheer variety of music we represent. We try to always keep an open mind; looking for the less obvious talent and gems.

This week’s new releases represents that fact nicely.

From one end of the spectrum we can introduce to you Anne Müller, Sebastian Reynolds & Alex Stolze. A trio who made their debut performances in February of this year at sold out concerts in Berlin & Hannover. Together they form Solo Collective, a contemporary classical ensemble. The self titled debut record is the first instalment of the trio’s works, released on German violinists Alex Stolze’s Nonostar Records. You may already know Anne Müller from her collaborative works with Nils Fram on the 7fingers album and Sebastian Reynolds by his remix for Scottish indie rock outfit Meursault.

On the flip side we have Spook The Horses coming at you from the far reaches of the globe in Wellington, New Zealand. Their third album is being released on one of our most prolific and respected heavy labels Pelagic Records. People Used To Live Here was produced over the course of several difficult winters; exploring an “atmosphere of quiet desolation, raw and real, desperate and unsettling: the post-apocalyptic soundtrack to abandoned places, where people used to live, at one point in time, long ago.”

We’ve got more new discoveries for you to check out below! You know what to do.

Your finetuners

Anne Müller, Sebastian Reynolds & Alex Stolze
Solo Collective, Pt. 1 (NoNoStar Records)
Alternative / Ambient
Solo Collective is a contemporary classical ensemble comprised of German chamber musicians Alex Stolze (violin) and Anne Müller (cello) with British pianist and producer Sebastian Reynolds.

Spook the Horses
People Used to Live Here (Pelagic Records)

The band’s most daring effort to date, „People Used to Live Here“ explores the natural and immediate.


Head Sonata (Love Control) (12.50 Records)
Here it is: „Head Sonata“, the first single from FIL BO RIVA‘s upcoming debut album and a very early impression of it all. Fulfilled with ecstatic love, waves of sorrow, waves of joy and long long nights of recordings.


Night Tales
Move You (Majestic Casual Records)
Electronic / Pop
Night Tales is a brand new Australian duo, their debut single “Move You“ is a partystarter which won’t go unnoticed. Its the first single out of three that will follow in the new year.


Andreas Spechtl
Thinking About Tomorrow, and How to Build It (Bureau B)
Krautrock / Electronica
JA, PANIK singer and frontman Andreas Spechtl presents his version of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik and Field Recordings which also includes traditional Persian percussions and string instruments among other influences // written and conceived in Tehran in Winter 2016/2017 // Video premiere for “The Age of Ghost” on 23.10.2017 on

Various Artists
Message in Our Music (1976-1983, Selected by Waxist) (SOL Discos)
Disco, Funk, Soul
After a first year of activity with 3 beautiful single reissues, SOL DISCOS presents its first album, with the compilation Message In Our Music, selected by WAXIST. Focusing on Modern-Soul genre, the selection ranges from 1977 to 1983 and gathers a nice selection of independent and private press records, all officially licensed.

Die Mausis
Die Mausis (Buback Tonträger)
Alternative, Deutschpop, Indierock, Singer / Songwriter
Stella Sommer (Die Heiterkeit) und Max Gruber (Drangsal) sind Die Mausis. Und sie sind mit ihren Akustikgitarren ausgezogen, um die Welt ein kleines bisschen grauer zu gestalten. Erstaunlicherweise gelingt dieser kleinen Supergroup of Mausis mit den einfachsten Mitteln und einer handvoll Songs, etwas ganz Besonderes: Sie werden zu ihrem eigenen Maßstab, ihrer eigenen Referenz. Die Mausis klingen nach Die Mausis. Sie wohnen an einem Ort, an dem sich Spaß und Ernst, Leichtigkeit und Schwere, Angst und Lebensfreude treffen. Und wenn Du genau hinschaust, dann kannst Du sie sehen. Hinter jeder Ecke, hinter jedem Strauch. „Sei schlau, bleib grau.“

Radio Havanna
Anti alles (Fatsound Records)
Indie Rock, Punk, Rock
Die neue Single Anti alles aus dem vierten Album der Deutschpunk Band Radio Havanna für Fans von Donots bis Broilers.

Honig (Jugglerz Records)
Dancehall, Pop
Miwata’s Traumfrau ist „so süß wie ein Glas Honig“. Der Sänger mit dem modernen Vibe schwebt auf dem Dancehall-Beat und styled hart. Die Hook hat Ohr-Tattoo-Charakter und dank Nummer Eins Produzenten Jugglerz (Bausa – Was du Liebe nennst) klingt der Song so smooth „wie ein Glas…“ – lassen wir die Wortspiele, Honig von Miwata ist ein Burner!

Mrs. Nina Chartier
M.N.C. (X-plosive Remix) (Keine Faxen)
Hip Hop
Mrs. Nina Chartier‘s neue Single M.N.C. geremixt von X-plosive mit mehrwöchiger Präsenz auf RTL II in der Reality Soap ,,Berin Tag und Nacht.“