New Music Highlights – 12th of May 2017: Ellen Allien, Love A, Satellite Stories


Dear friends,

Like all of us here at finetunes we are sure you have been eagerly anticipating the newest album from Ellen Allien. Wait no longer! ‘Nost’ drops today showing again why she is known to be one of the pioneers of the Berlin Techno scene.

For the German listeners Punk Rockers Love A will blast your hair in the air with their high energetic offering ‘Nichts ist neu’.

Last but not least if you want all the infectious sing along and A grade Dream Pop you can handle? Look no further than the internationally lauded Satellite Stories with their new release ‘Young Detectives’.

Check them out plus much more in the infos below.

Your finetuners

Ellen Allien
Nost (BPitch Control)
Techno / Electronic

Across nine seminal tracks, Ellen Allien demonstrates why she is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of Berlin’s techno scene. A visionary who has cultivated a sound which continues to evolve and mutate into new areas, moving smoothly between the classic analogue squelches of acid to anarchic splendour and mesmerising, celestial soundscapes. ‘Nost’ is the work of an artist who has found herself, yet still pushes herself to go beyond her comfort zone, still creating, still learning and still yearning for more. This is Ellen Allien, this is Berlin and this is ‘Nost’!

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Humble & Blisse
Close 2 U (feat. WoodzSTHLM) SINGLE (Majestic Casual Records)
Electronic / Pop

Humble & Blisse release a new bouncy club single with spheric vocals via Majestic Casual Records!

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Notilus (denovali records)
Electronica / Dub / Nu-Jazz

Notilus is the new project of five established French musicians combining cinematic soundscapes, energetic Jazz and atmospheric live Electronics. With a decent amount of performances at several French festivals the quintet presents its s/t debut album via Denovali in spring 2017. The cleverly compiled repertoire varies from positively trombone and sax driven Jazz parts with a deep sense for sophisticated melodies to calmer, melancholic soundscapes back to beat driven, dynamic, buzzy sound cascades. Sometimes the albums delivers a feeling of a soundtrack for a 70s crime movie – sometimes it sounds like an intergalactic, retro-futuristic trip – always with an ironic and positive view on the own creative work!

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No Emotions EP (Euphorie Records)
Alternative / Indie Pop / Indie Rock

Ilgen-Nur is 21 years old and moved from a small town close to Stuttgart to Hamburg a year ago. She sings about teen angst and an uncertain future, but also about the nice little things in life – like riding your bike on a sunny day, the under-eye bags of a person one does like, wearing smudged lipstick but still feeling beautiful. She has that relaxed feel about her that makes her instantly likeable!

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Satellite Stories
Young Detectives (XYZ Berlin Music)
Alternative / Indie Pop / Pop

Satellite Stories finally release their long desired album after elating with several great singles!


Vielleicht (Akustisch) SINGLE (Jugglerz Records)
Pop / Reggae / Singer / Songwriter

From his newest album ‘Vielleicht’ Miwata now drops out an soulful acoustic single version of the title track!


Bob’s Burgers
The Bob’s Burgers Music Album (Sub Pop)
Movie Soundtracks

A 112 track album to the comic series ‘Bob’s Burgers’ that is currently running on Fox and Comedy Central!

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Love A
Nichts ist neu (Rookie Records)
Indie Rock / Punk / New Wave

Nothing is new and easy least of all. The title of the fourth album title couldn’t sound more fatalistic. And that’s the truth, partly. You cannot stop, even things won’t change, alone or with your band. And then you write 12 songs you wanna present to the World!


Rutsch Ping Ping SINGLE (Newtone)
Kids & Family / Punk

Wenn Kinder ins Krankenhaus müssen, dann ist das für alle Beteiligten nicht immer ganz einfach. Die Ängste und Ungewissheiten sind sehr groß. Da macht es oft keinen Unterschied, ob es nur ein kurzer Klinikaufenthalt ist oder sogar ein längerer. Gerade wenn die Kinder übernachten müssen, kommen Befürchtungen hoch, bei denen man die Kinder (und Erwachsenen) nicht alleine lassen sollte. Randale im Krankenhaus – Mutmachlieder für kleine Patienten!