New Music Highlights – 14th of April 2017: Christian Löffler, Noah Slee, Boysetsfire


Dear friends,

This week we have something for everyone during the Easter break whether you’re relaxing with family or kicking it with your fellow head bangers.

Check out the likes of Christian Löffler, Noah Slee & Boysetsfire!

Your finetuners

Christian Löffler
Mare Remixes, Pt. 1 (Ki Records)
Electronica / Deep House
After his iconic dreamy second studio album ‘Mare’, Christian Löffler now releases the two songs ‘Vind’ & ‘Haul’ on a separate single, this time remixed by nobody else than Max Cooper and Superpoze!


5 Years of Motorik: An Australian Electronic Music Experiment (Motorik Records)
Techno / House

Motorik Recordings, the label born out of warehouse parties is celebrating 5 years of releases. A Sydney collective releasing only Australian dance music has created a 14 track compilation of the artists who have made Motorik the Australian powerhouse it is today!

Noah Slee
Told (Majestic Casual Records)
Electronic / Pop / R&B

Noah Slee releases the first funky single from his upcoming album which will be released in the beginning of July!

Blaue Blume
Macabre (hfn music)

The Danish band Blaue Blume (blue flower) is the epitome of a romantic band, their songs are brimming with love and yearning. ,Macabre’ is the first single from the forthcoming EP – the follow up to the debut album ‘Syzygy’ released in 2015!
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Tomorrow Come Today: 20th Anniversary Live in Berlin (End Hits Records)
Rock / Alternative / Pop Punk

In 2014, US Post-Hardcore band Boysetsfire celebrated their 20th anniversary with a series of special shows. For this, they played their iconic album ‘Tomorrow Come Today’ at the Lido in Berlin, front to back. Originally released on Wind-Up/Sony in 2003, the album spawned singles such as ‘New Year’s Nest’, ‘Release the Dogs’ and ‘Handful of Redemption’. Back then, the album entered both the US Billboard 200 charts and the German media control Top 100 charts!


Die Negation
Digitales Deutschland SINGLE (Cargo)
Hardcore / Punk

German Hardcore Punk band Die Negation release the third single ‘Digitales Deutschland’ from their upcoming album ‘Herrschaft der Vernunft’, which will be released in May!

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Vita Bergen
Nixon SINGLE (Glitterhouse Records)
Indie Pop / Pop / Power Pop

Since the debut album ‘Disconnection’ was released in 2015, and with the P3 Guld award nomination for Best Pop, international record contract the band has managed to play over 100 shows and sold-out tours. The 2nd of June Vita Bergen will release their second album ‘Retriever’. Completed in Los Angeles and produced by their front man William Hellström together with Martin Forslund, who also has worked with Swedish legend Håkan Hellström. April 14 is the release of the first single ‘Nixon’ a song where The War on Drugs meets Madonna!

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Frank Rabeyrolles
Apart (Wool Recordings)
Electronic / Electronica / Folk

Apart from his prolific musical output, we actually know very little about the person Frank Rabeyrolles a man with a PHD in Philosophy and endless love for stange analog machines. Discovered in 2005 with ‘Life Behind A Window’ under the Double u alias, Frank is a veteran in the Indie Electronic scene in France where he’s been receiving rave reviews from the press with his dreamy song writing. International press caught on too and equally fell for his Garlic charm!

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Baleka (Nyami Nyami Records)
World / African Music

In the mid-70s, musician and songwriter Phil Arosa fled Southern Rhodesia’s apartheid (now Zimbabwe) to settle in the Netherlands and pursue his musical career under more mundane skies. Alongside his partner Marga, he started the band Zimba which played for ten years in clubs around the country. During those years, ‘Baleka’ was the only studio recorded song and was released in 1983!