New Music Highlights – 17th of February 2017: Emma Jensen, Trettmann&Megaloh, Gabriel Vitel

Dear friends,

here are our highlight releases from the 13th of February to 19th of February.

This week we have a lot of new releases by Emma Jensen, Trettmann & Megaloh, Gabriel Vitel  and many more …
This is it? Not really. Have fun with our other highlight releases listed here.

We hope you enjoy and regards
your finetuners

Emma Jensen
Closer (Majestic Casual Records)
Electropop / Pop
Emma Jensen Debut Single on Majestic Casual Records!


Gabriel Vitel
Ipoly Mate 005 (Ipoly Music)
Gabriel Vitel’s solo debut ‘Ipoly Mate 001’ impacted three years ago and made millions of people sing along. After culminating in their Groove Symphony and being properly united as ‘Yes I Will’, our youngster now shows his grown up solo sound in these two heartwarming songs, that picture his variegated emotions.

Lost (Vild Music)
The ten thousand year puberty of the human mind and some lost luggage”, that’s what the song Lost is about. Inspired by 1200’s poets in the Middle East and their very absurdly relevant ideals, the sinking, beautiful city of Venice and its Biennale of art where they played opening week shows in 2013, a very old, sad and wise man in Venice, a crazy Swedish business man, a depressed billionaire art collector… And the profound solitude of our planet, and its irrational leader species, who can’t stop its self destructive ways of dealing with fear and an inferiority complex towards the universe.


Unplugged (Pelagic Records)
Unplugged contains 9 songs taken off the last 2 albums Here Comes The Sun and 2012’s The Dreamer’s Hideaway, recorded live at the Théâtre de la Coupe d’Or de Rochefort, as well as 2 studio tracks… including a stunning cover version of Depeche Mode’s People Are People. Their music works equally well in two very different sonic realms – saturated with distortion or completely without. And this can only be seen as the best possible compliment on the outstanding quality of their songwriting.

African Music (Favorite)
Disco / African
Voilaaa is one of the many projects led and produced by Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart, who’s proven over the past 15 years, his place amongst the finest producers of groove music in all genres. Here comes the first single from Voilaaa’s upcoming second efforts, made of 3 new killer tunes featuring Lass, Sir Jean and Pat Kalla.

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Megaloh, Trettmann & KitschKrieg
Herb & Mango (SoulForce Records)
Hip Hop
Megaloh und Trettmann. Der Volkstribun aus Moabit und der based Adriano Celentano aus Leipzig. Der MC Meuchelmurderer mit dem unerschöpflichen Flow Vorrat und der Trap Troubadour mit dem so speziellen Gespür für Hooks und Harmonien. Unter der Vibes-Oberaufsicht von KitschKrieg fügen sich ihre Talente nun auf vollkommene Weise zusammen. Alles fließt, alles wummert, alles passt. “Swagger so anormal / natural natural!”


Abgefuckt (Quasilectric)
Rock / Punk
Neue Single des Solo Projekts von Antilopen Gang Studiomember Männi.