New Music Highlights – Peter Broderick, Martin Kohlstedt


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Brilliant modern music composers manifest themselves in a variety of exciting ways and two from among the best we know have released albums for your listening pleasure this week.

Peter Broderick is an American multi-instrumentalist who is well at home being part of the acclaimed Erased Tapes roster. Who better to explain the thinking behind his latest creation than Peter himself,

“In my early days of recording, I took pride in playing all the different instruments myself and doing the recording myself as well. And then at some point I started branching out, working with other musicians and recording engineers. But this record is very dear to me in that it’s a return to that original approach . . . playing all the different instruments myself, working with my limits on each one, and my own limits in recording and mixing. I’ve always held a broad curiosity for all different instruments and all different styles of music, and if nothing else I hope this record will portray that curiosity, and my pure love for this thing we call music. Can you dig it?”

Check out the album trailer below and grab your ticket for his 2018  European Tour: Click Here

Martin Kohlstedt has been playing a string of incredible shows recently and one of the most exciting performances we have witnessed was his 360 degree full immersion event at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017.

His newest album Strom is a force to be reckoned that feels almost primal in the raw energy it exudes. One of our favourite tracks is CHA which boasts both full ambient presence overlaid with lightly keyed melodies. You can listen to the whole album now on all major platforms.

We’ve got more great releases below for you to scroll through!

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Martin Kohlstedt
Strom (Edition Kohlstedt)
Alternative / Electronica / Instrumental
Martin Kohlstedt’s opus »Strom« is a stream of ruthless moments exposing the piano to the elements. Amid the flow of the nine pieces the composer himself slowly dissipates and enables the experience of music in its most primal dynamic. Closeness and intimacy transform into vastness and force. Beauty is to be found in everything — especially in the ephemeral. Consequently »Strom« brings forth manifold forms, appearing hazy and perilous, direct, almost playful to appear awestruck in the face of its own gravity. You get the feeling that Kohlstedt erected a monument in honor of intuition itself.

Peter Broderick
All Together Again (Erased Tapes)

There is no end to composer Peter Broderick‘s creative output, and so we present to you his new album titled All Together Again via Erased Tapes.


Blaue Blume
Sobs (hfn music)
Alternative / Indie Pop
The Copenhagen based pop wonders Blaue Blume return with a new EP – ‘Sobs’. The band formed around 6 years ago in a provincial Danish town, drawn to each other’s love for rich, playful music. Blaue Blume (blue flower) is the epitome of a romantic band, their songs are brimming with love and yearning.


Audio Dope
Floating (Majestic Casual Records)
The first single ‘Floating’ from the self-titled album ‘Audio Dope’ is here! A song made just like the soundtrack for the lazy way home under the first rays of dawn, which blends Audio Dope’s musical work between organic sounds and synthetic beats. Floating leads into the multifaceted debut album, which will be released in February 2018 via Majestic Casual Records and Radicalis Music.


Acid Pauli
BLD Remixes A (Ouïe)
Deep House / Electronica
Acid Pauli’s second album ‘BLD’ dropped earlier this year to a rapturous reception. Martin Gretschmann’s trippy opus took in various stops around the musical spectrum, yet remained committed to quality dance-floor tracks that refuse to follow any particular rule book. This collection of remixes of the album’s A side (hence the name) only adds to that achievement – bringing yet more new flavours and takes from some of the most exciting names in the underground.

Louis Armstrong
The Nightclubs (Dot Time Records Legends Series)
This compilation contains selections recorded with 5 different iterations of Armstrong’s All Stars at five different nightclub engagements from 1950 to 1958. These exciting nightclub performances are not only being released for the first time, but every track is taken from the Research Collections of the Louis Armstrong House Museum.

Pete Astor
Water Tower (Tapete Records)
Indie Pop / Rock / Singer/Songwriter
Water Tower is the new two-track single from Pete Astor, the seasoned and erudite Indie auteur, ex-leader of Creation Records’ favourites The Loft and The Weather Prophets. It features all new material, again made with James Hoare of Ultimate Painting, Proper Ornaments and Veronica Falls. He is now joined by The Wave Pictures’ rhythm section of Franic Rozycki on bass and Jonny Helm on drums; Pam Berry of Withered Hand and Black Tambourine contributes vocals. The record appears on Pete’s new label, Tapete, where he will be in the excellent company of kindred spirits Robert Forster, Lloyd Cole and Martin Carr to name but a few. Pete will be playing live with a full band at the Tapete 15-year anniversary at The Lexington, London on November 18th. ‘The master of less is more’ – The Guardian

Wir werden niemals fertig sein (Neufundland)
Alternative / Rock
Die junge Kölner Band Neufundland mit ihrem brandneuen Debütalbum „Wir werden niemals fertig sein“.

Dominik Eulberg
Bienenfresser & Blauracke (Apus apus
Electronic / Techno
Dominik Eulberg’s first EP on Apus apus features the track “Bienenfresser“ (eng. bee-eater) on the a side and “Blauracke“ (engl. blue roller) on the flip side. “Bienenfresser“ is a piece of music that provides an intimate listening experience, while simultaneously supplying listeners with a collective, mobilizing anthem. SOL DISCOS

Couleur (Bonustrack Version) (Grand Hotel van Cleef)
Rock / Hardcore / Punk
Die Aachener Post-Hardcore-Band Fjørt präsentiert ihr neues Album Couleur.