New Music Highlights – 19th of May 2017: Two Feet, Sofi de la Torre, Egotronic


Dear friends,

This week the finetunes highlight brings to your attention one of our most successful artist’s Two Feet. Enjoy a double dose of his killer bluesy guitar combined electronic production style.

If you dig pop with attitude you are likely already well aware of Sofi de la Torre. Her new album features her previously released WW hit ‘Flex Your Way Out’ (feat. Blackbear) and the new low key sensation ‘Views of You’ (feat. Taylor Bennett).

For our German listeners or anyone who just wants to wrap their teeth around some superb sounding punk. Check out Audiolith’s Egotronic and their new album ‘Keine Argumente’.

Check them out plus much more in the info’s below.

Your finetuners

Two Feet
Had Some Drinks & Love Is A Bitch (Majestic Casual Records)
Alternative / Electronic

NYC’S Two Feet returns with 2 new songs, out May 19th on Majestic Casual Records – moody Bluesrock guitars, calm intimate vocals – extroverted version of early The XX. ‘Had Some Drinks’ sets forth the impressive hype created with Two Feet’s debut single ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ – honest lyrics, bluesish guitars and a massive beat dropping in the chorus! ‘Love is a bitch’ is the more laid back track and both will be released also on the EP ‘Momentum’ on 9th of June!

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Sofi de la Torre
Another. Not me. I’m Done. (POPDONERIGHT)

After releasing the two great singles ‘$’ and ‘Views of You’ Sofi de la Torre now follows up with the album ‘Another. Not me. I’m done.’ which definetly could be your soundtrack of the summer!

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Scene Delete: The Remixes (Late Night Tales)

Sasha’s ‘Scene Delete’, an ambient/soundtrack project has been remixed by a host of musicians and producers. The original album was released in April 2016; surprising and delighting many fans with its quiet, undulating pieces filled with texture and atmosphere. ‘The Remixes’ brings this all together with 6 new exclusive reworks by for example Christian Löffler, Kiasmos and Max Cooper!

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Urban Contact
Hanging Up SINGLE (feat. Rasmus Hagen) (Starmode)

Austrian producer duo Urban Contact joins forces with Swedish Singer & Songwriter Rasmus Hagen to present their latest release titled ‘Hanging Up’, a track that is spiced with tasty vocals and strong beats to make your body move!

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Axiom EP (Jack Trax Records)

Are you brave enough to detach the authority of society in search of Truth? This debut release from Beyun will postulate this trip you call life is both internal and external. Inherent are its paradoxes, scattered truths, and essential polarities. Once you listen you’ll experience a multidimensional introduction of what’s to come for both this new artist and the emerging Jack Trax imprint from Afro Acid. ‘Paradox’ is a heavy jackin techno thumper with a bassline growing more distorted as your reality breaks down. ‘Scatter’ lightens the mood with a blend of jazzy scat vocals amidst a heavy thump…!


Joel Mull & Heiko Laux
Rooter EP (Kanzleramt Music)

Joel Mull finally re-joins the Kanzleramt Family in a collab with Heiko Laux called ‘Rooter’. This is Joel’s second appearance on Kanzleramt after his very much loved solo 12″ ‘Reminder’ in 2006. It’s also not the first release of the two, as last years Drumcode limited release ‘Slight Munch’ shows. Joel and Heiko have been friends for over a decade. The depth of that connection is reflected in ‘Rooter’ as much of this release was realised right at the kitchen table over breakfast or with a wine while cooking dinner. More parts of those sessions will be following!


Haul & Pull Up (Rave And Romance Records)
Bass / Dancehall / Miami Bass

Schlachthofbronx, the DJ- and producer-duo from Munich/Germany, known for their bass heavy original songs as well as for delivering beats to M.I.A. or Snoop Dogg, deliver their 4th original studio album called ‘Haul & Pull Up’. All while they engage with the most interesting developments of club music from Grime over Dub and Dancehall to Footwork and beyond, JakobBenedikt’s musical roots and soundsystem aesthetics are evident throughout all their new body of work. Guest starring on their hybrid club constructions is an international cast of selected vocalists!

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The Phunkguerilla & Cosmo Klein
Kingdom on Fire (Cosmopolytix)
Funk / Jazz / Soul

Claus Fischer & Cosmo Klein founded The Phunkguerilla 2008 as a musical network in search of the band that was to bring their idea of Phunk to the point. The new album of Phunkguerilla was supposed to be just that, a band album! The 6 locked themselves up for 1 week at the Red Horn District and created new songs that feature strong songwriting, authenticity, musicality and bouncing grooves. The album ‘Kingdom on Fire’ tells tales straight out of life and deals with the strange ways of our society!


Rise of the Fro (Catchy Record)
Dancehall / Reggae / Hip Hop

As a youth, Jahfro was touring Germany as the MC of soundsystem ‘Catchy Record’ and as the front singer of German Reggae group ‘Das Goldene Handwerk’. In 2017 he will release his first Solo-EP, which he produced with J da K while staying for a few month in Kingston, Jamaica!

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Fly High (Enjovu Music)
Reggae / Soul / World

Swedish / Uganda musician Jaqee releases her fifth solo-album ‘Fly High’ which is a powerful mixture of Reggae, Soul and World Music!


Ella Fitzgerald
Live at Chautauqua, Vol. 2 (Live) (Dot Time Records Legends Series)
Classic Jazz

Recorded in concert at the Chautauqua Institute in Western New York on July 11, 1968 this release finds the ‘First Lady of Song’ at her best. This is a master class in entertainment. Backed by the fabulous Tee Carson Trio, the group had a tight knit report and fed off of each other joyously!


Husten EP (Komma)
Alternative / Indie Rock

Husten besteht aus Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Moses Schneider und Tobias Friedrich, die gleichnamige EP ist als Soundtrack zum Buch ‘Sowas von da’ anzusehen!

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Keine Argumente! (Audiolith)
Alternative / Punk

Knapp 10 Jahre nach Release des von Hedonismus durchdrungenen Longplayers ‘Lustprinzip’ wird den Fans heute -die Verschärfung der politischen Lage reflektierend- statt eines fröhlich anmutenden ‘Raven gegen Deutschland’, ein von Zorn getragenes ‘Deutschland, Arschloch, Fick Dich’ und ‘An Die Wand’ entgegen gebrüllt!


Die Negation
Herrschaft der Vernunft (Cargo)

Debütalbum der deutschen Post Hardcore/Screamo band mit starkem Punk vibe. Die Negation sind Michael Laur de Manos am Gesang (The Heartbreak Motel), Marcel Sasse an der Gitarre (Beneath the Weel), Bass-Spieler Alan KassabZero Mentality) und Drummer Christian Bass (Heaven shall Burn). Produziert wurde das Ganze von Jan Oberg (Earth Ship)!

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