New Music Highlights – 21th of July 2017: Noah Slee, Leoniden, Emma Jensen


Dear friends,

If you read our blogs you will know this name by now, Noah Slee is the producer sensation with heart hailing from the distant shores of New Zealand. Known for past hits such as ‘DGAF’ (feat Shiloh Dynasty), the next track instalment ‘Sunrise’ from his upcoming album ‘Otherland’ is more smooth electronic/R&B goodness.

Leoniden gets us in the mood for the festival season with their melodic Indie Pop single ‘Sisters’. Look for their new accompanying music video to get an insight in to what we imagine is an average snapshot of the bands life and times.

Self recorded and self produced, Emma Jensen rocketed on to the Electro-Pop scene in 2017 and you can now enjoy a different flavour of her breakout hit ‘Closer’ with Rytmeklubben’s remix.

Check these out and more below.

Your finetuners

Noah Slee
Sunrise SINGLE (Majestic Casual Records)
Pop / R&B

New single by Majestic Casual Records Noah Slee. ‘Sunrise’ is a smooth and laid back R&B track and a great addition to a warm summer day!

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Emma Jensen
Closer (Rytmeklubben Remix) (Majestic Casual)
Electronic / Pop

Emma Jensens hit single ‘Closer’ reached almost 5m streams on Spotify already, this is the remix by Rytmeklubben!

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Queen Alaska
Under My Skin SINGLE (Queen Alaska)
Pop / Ambient

First single from the upcoming debut album ‘Interlude of the Inner Voice I / II’ by singer Queen Alaska!


Bondage Fairies
Alfa Gaga Cp Wifi (Audiolith)
Electropop / Punk / Alternative

In the year 2012 the world would come to an end, they said. Everything was prepared. All money was spent, all bridges burnt and all experiences experienced. However, the new age prophecies failed and The world didn’t end. So what happened after that? In short one could say that one dumb thing lead to another and around the year 2013 Bondage Fairies got locked up for their heinous crimes against logical thinking. Doom was inevitable!

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Sisters SINGLE (Two Peace Signs Records)
Alternative / Indie Pop / Indie Rock

Leoniden, namely the brothers Lennart and Felix Eicke, Jakob Amr, Djamin Izadi and JP Neumann, create a passionate musical hybrid somewhere between eruption and intricacy. Their songs are blockbusters and would fit perfectly on a 90’s Godzilla soundtrack. Only in their case, the monster would rather rage through the urban club scene than through glistening skyscrapers!


Jonas Palzer
In The Evening There Is Feeling EP (LACKREC.)
Electronic / House

New Electronic music stuff by Jonas Palzer released via LACKREC.!

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Be Svendsen
Nabia EP (Earthly Delights)
Deep House / Downbeat / Electronica

Be Svendsen is the latest producer to add his culturally rich productions to the Label of Earthly Delights, offering a beautiful 3 track journey in ‘Nabia’ EP!

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Various Artists
Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 09 EP (Exploited)
Deep House / Electronic / Indie Disco

Exploited’s semi-regular ‘mini compilation’ series continues, with Shir Khan collecting together a highly eclectic quintet of new cuts from the label featuring SevenDoors & Nathan BallRadiophobiaKraak & SmaakAthlete Whippet and Aklay!

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Louis Armstrong
The Standard Oil Sessions (feat. Jack Teagarden & Earl Hines) (Dot Time Records Legends Series)
Jazz / Dixieland Music / New Orleans Jazz

This 50+ minute recording was recorded in San Francisco, California on January 20, 1950 by the Standard Oil Company for their radio show, ‘Musical Map of America’. The recording was episode 19, ‘Musical Story of New Orleans’, and featured ArmstrongJack Teagarden and Earl Hines. For reasons not known, the broadcast was never made and Louis was personally given the acetate discs of the sessions!

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Berliner Philharmoniker
Robert Schumann: Symphonien 1-4 (Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings)

For Simon RattleRobert Schumann is ‘the echt Romantic’. And in fact, the exuberance of the period, its passion and its melancholy can be heard with unique intensity in Schumann’s music to this day. For the Berliner PhilharmonikerSchumann’s symphonies have always been part of their core repertoire. The 1953 Wilhelm Furtwängler recording in particular has attained cult status. And so it only stands to reason that the Berliner Philharmoniker should launch their Berliner Philharmoniker Recordingslabel with a cycle of the four Schumann symphonies!