New Music Highlights – 23th of June 2017: Noah Slee, Sarah Lesch, Kitsch Krieg & Joey Bargeld


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Pop meets Soul and Noah Slee meets Melandownz in this week’s smooth offering ‘Lips’ by Majestic Casual Records. Stay tuned for the New Zealanders soon to be released next track ‘Radar’ and the upcoming album ‘Otherland’ which has all been recorded with his good friend Ben Esser.

For the German fans we have a Leipzig based Singer / Songwriter Sarah Lesch releasing a single with Kick The Flame ‘Da Draussen’ which is also the title track from her upcoming album available in August.

From the other end of the scale we have KitschKrieg and Joey Bargeld with a fine example of what home grown modern rap is supposed to be.

Want more? Sure you do! Check out our other highlight releases below.


Your finetuners

Noah Slee
Lips (feat. Melodownz) SINGLE (Majestic Casual Records)
Soul / R&B / Pop

Soulful singer Noah Slee drops his next single ‘Lips’ which is part of an impressive releaseseries and will be followed up by a full length album in August!


Feeling Gets Too Heavy SINGLE (Lapsang House)

You might not heard anything about KINDER until now but if you like soulful and calm R&B with a great voice you should give it a try, it’s worth!


Blurry Mind EP (Feines Tier)

Ninze & Okaxy’s ‘Blurry Mind’ , a frame of their impressions & work , as sine qua non for every listener, and a memory of all their travels over the past year. For the last half a decade NINZE & OKAXY have been establishing a significant and experimental sound, self-branded Ketapop, by creating a spherical, yet melancholic atmosphere with a distinctive deepness and complex sound patterns. As part of the Laut & Luise family, and working their magic with side-project WIDE AWAKE.

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Dhunche (Underyourskin Records)

After making his debut on Underyourskin’s compilation ‘Follow The Call Of The Discoball’ in April, Timboletti’s first EP on the label, ‘Dhunche’, is paving the way for a new chapter of Middle Eastern, South American and Indian electronic music!

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Ghostlight (feat. Marie Angerer) [Radio Edit] SINGLE (Ki Records)
Deep House / Ambient

Deep House that goes forward featured by vocals from Marie Angerer is the essence of the new single ‘Ghostlight’ by Ki Records’ Fejká. It will be followed up by an EP in the mid of July!


Papillon Rising
Leading Man SINGLE (Superhero Music)
Pop / Synthpop / Dance Pop

‘Leading Man’ is the 3rd single by radio funk duo Papillon Rising and appears on their debut album ‘First Contact’. For those familiar with P. and EFF, the two odd heroes from the future, the strong 80s vibe is no surprise. It’s been an essential ingredient of their bulls-eye-pop recipe. ‘Leading Man’ continues to define this characteristic sound!

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You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient (Pelagic Records)
Doom Metal / Rock

Vancouver Metal veterans BISON are making a devastating return with their brand new album titled ‘You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient’. After 2012’s ‘Lovelessness’, the four-piece’s last album for Metal Blade Records, the band was joined by Shane Clark on bass, former lead guitarist of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD. The EP ‘1000 Needles’, released in 2014, already hinted at what to expect from their 5th full length album: a thundering opus of epic filth and splendor!

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Sarah Lesch
Da Draussen SINGLE (Kick The Flame)
Indie Pop / Pop / Singer / Songwriter

Singer / Songwriterin Sarah Lesch veroeffentlicht den ersten Song ‘Da Draussen’ ihres im August erscheinenden gleichnamigen Albums!

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Joey Bargeld & KitschKrieg
1 EP (SoulForce)
Hip Hop

Deutschrap kennt ihn als kongenialen Sidekick von Haiyti aka RobberyNoisey war ‘phantomverliebt’ seit Tag eins. Mit seiner ersten EP mit dem KitschKrieg-Kollektiv tritt Joey Bargeld nun selbst ins Scheinwerferlicht. Das flackert, Ehrensache, finsterer als die Festtagsbeleuchtung anderer Leute. Kopf aus. Bass rein. Lampen an. Der letzte echte Punk ist da!

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Der Plan
Unkapitulierbar (Bureau B)

Jawohl! Richtig gehoert: Moritz R®Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator und Frank Fenstermacher haben sich nach 25 Jahren im Studio getroffen und ein neues Album aufgenommen. Für die später Hinzugekommenen: ohne Uebertreibung kann man behaupten, dass Der Plan eine der, wenn nicht die wirkmaechtigste deutsche Band der musikalischen Aufbruchszeit am Anfang der 80er Jahre war. Vielleicht ist sie es sogar noch?!

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