New Music Highlights – 28th of July 2017: Christian Löffler, BadBadNotGood, Iron & Wine


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in 2016 we saw the release of Christian Löffler’s ‘Mare’ album which received strong support across the board from the likes of XLR8R, Thump and Red Bull. In April 2017 we were introduced to the albums part 1 remixes from Max Cooper & Superpoze. Now you can enjoy the part 2 remix instalments from Christian himself on the track ‘Pigment’ and Aparde on ‘Youth’.

The return of the acclaimed Late Night Tales is here and this time they have teamed up with the equally lauded BadBadNotGood. The compilation boasts a line up of unique artist’s tracks from the likes of Thundercat, Boards Of Canada and The Beach Boys. BBNG also include a continuous mix and brand new song ‘To You’.

If you are looking for something more acoustic orientated this week that steps around the Pop cliché vibe, check out Iron & Wines new track ‘Thomas County Law’ from his upcoming album.

Look out for more of our highlights below.

Your finetuners

Christian Löffler
Mare Remixes, Pt. 2 EP (Ki Records)
Electronica / Alternative

Second remix EP of the 2016 ‘Mare’ album featuring two new great remixes of the songs ‘Youth’ and ‘Pigment’, one by Aparde and one by Christian Löffler himself!

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Late Night Tales: BadBadNotGood COMPILATION (Late Night Tales)
Electronic / Alternative / Soul

Long expected and highly recommended compilation album by BadBadNotGood also including the great single ‘To You’!

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Jason Nolan
Don King SINGLE (Majestic Casual Records)
Electronic / Pop

New single by Majestic Casuals Jason Nolan called ‘Don King’ which is a clubby hit single with an 80s-influenced synthie sound!


Various Artists
Chillout King Ibiza – Chill Around the World (Best Chillout & Chillhouse Music) COMPILATION (Manifold Records)
Electronic / Chill Out

4th edition of the successful ‘Ibiza Chillout’ compilation series with exclusive only tracks by DJ Maretimo & many others!


Electric Rescue
Melancholic Enchantment EP
 (Rex Club Music)

Electric Rescue, one of the made-in-France masterpieces of the electronic music and also Rex Clubresident with his ‘skryptom’ label is making his debut on Rex Club Music with this ‘Melancholic Enchantment’ EP!

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Harald Großkopf & Eberhard Kranemann
Krautwerk (Bureau B)
Krautrock / Electronica

Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann transmit cosmic sonic visions of today, tomorrow and beyond in one of the most exciting collaborations in recent years!

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Iron & Wine
Thomas County Law SINGLE (Sub Pop)

Second single of the upcoming album ‘Beast Epic’ by Iron & Wine which will be released in late August via Sub Pop!

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Tim Neuhaus
American Dream In Berlin SINGLE (Grand Hotel van Cleef)
Singer / Songwriter / Indie Rock / Pop

Clueso band member and Singer / Songwriter Tim Neuhaus with a new single which will be followed by an album in late September via Grand Hotel van Cleef!


Plus de couleurs SINGLE (Jazzhaus Records)
Folk / Pop

After three years Carrousel are back with the new single ‘Plus de couleurs’ of their upcoming album ‘Filigrane’ which will be released in the end of September!


Feeling Gets Too Heavy EP (Lapsang House)

The moniker of singer-songwriter Leo WyattKINDER has garnered strong support for his debut EP in the form of over 65,000 Spotify streams in a single day for the title track ‘Light’ – luckily picked by the people at Spotify for their ‘Frehs Finds’ playlist which generated a good amount of streams! With the new material on the horizon, it won’t be long before this multi-instrumentalist is making some pretty sizeable waves!

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Nepumuk & Sir Serch
La Bohème (Sichtexot)
Hip Hop / Alternative Hip Hop

Nepumuk & Sir Serch haben ein Album gemacht! Wunderbar schön, und weird, und jazzig, und verrückt! Es trägt den Namen ‘La Bohème’!

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Horizont EP (4am)
Hip Hop

Hip Hop-Newcomer aus Stuttgart auf neuem Jugglerz-Sublabel released seine erste EP!

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Sarah Lesch
Reise Reise Räuberleiter SINGLE (Kick The Flame)
Indie Pop / Pop / Singer / Songwriter

Zweite Single aus dem am 11.08. erscheinenden Album von Singer / Songwriter Sarah Lesch!