New Music Highlights – 29th of September 2017: Klockworks 20, In the Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth, Lui Peng


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Ben Klock’s Klockworks series can trace its beginnings all the way back to 2012. It has featured a host of respectable compilation compilers including DVS1 (K 05), Etapp Kyle (K 10) and Heiko Laux (K 17). Klockworks 20 is the newest instalment; busting with dance floor ready goodies, ranging from acid and house to deep climatic atmospheres.

Continuing the compilations theme we have a latest offering from the Pelagic Records universe; it’s an opportunity for fans of the rock and metal genres to further educate themselves with some of the best music these genres have to offer. It’s a massive 85 track release, curated in a very deliberate way to be listened to start to finish playlist style.

You might on the other hand be looking to slow down the mood a little and add some calming vibes to this weekend’s proceedings. For that you are going to want to introduce yourself to Lui Peng and his Demons EP. An artist who took the initiative to release his recordings through soundcloud and Youtube; making a name for himself with his unique acoustic pop song covers.

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Various Artists
Klockworks 20 (Klockworks)
Highly anticipated 20-track compilation of all new exclusive material from Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, including the likes of Heiko Laux, Rod, Adam Craft and the late Trevino.

Lui Peng
Demons (About To Shine)

Lui Peng is a British-Chinese singer who originally began his musical journey by posting covers on youtube back in 2012. Through the platform, Lui developed a unique acoustic approach to pop songs which he later started performing live on a casual basis – Demons marks his newest output!


100° (Majestic Casual Records)
Second single from instagram stars from US based Pop Duo Zoology!

Nick Nicely
Sleep Safari (Tapete Records)
New album “Sleep Safari” from Indie Electronic artist Nick Nicely. Released on Tapete Records, Sept 2017.


Filigrane (Jazzhaus Records)
Folk with french Lyrics on german Jazz Label Jazzhaus Records highly recommended.

Moonboy Inc. 
Forever Sometimes (feat. Luisa) (Budde Music)
Dance / Pop / Electronic
Dance / EDM by Moonboy Inc released on Budde Music.

Lights (Majestic Casual Records)
Dance / Pop / Electronic
First Album von NOVAA & Lo released on Majestic Casual highly recommended.

Various Artists
In the Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth (Pelagic Records)
Rock / Heavy Metal
While the compilation’s first disc, „In The Twilight…“, focuses on the more calm, post-rock oriented side of the label, the second disc, „… These Rocks Have Teeth“ dives deep down into the realm of dark and epic heavy music that the label has become known and loved for, throughout their catalogue of now 85 releases. This compilation is a carefully designed and very listenable playlist, a perfect ride through the vast Pelagic Records universe!

Various Artists
Disco Reggae, Vol. 3 (Stix Records)
Disco / Reggae / Soul
Following 2 acclaimed first editions, Stix Records presents the 3rd volume of its Disco Reggae compilation series. Like previous one, the 9 tracks comp is made both from productions of the home labels now sold-out as vinyl, and from brand new exclusive music by the like of Taggy Matcher, Mato or newcomer Rosemary Martins, taking over classics titles from Donna Summer, Stephen Encinas, Roberta Flack, Herbie Hancock, Steve Parks, or Inner City. The perfect soundtrack to extend the summer!!

#DIY (SoulForce Records)
Hip Hop
Trettmanns hoch erwartetes Debutalbum auf Soulforce Records, komplett produziert vom Produzententeam Kitchkrieg und mit Gastbeiträgen von RAF Camora, Materia, Bonez MC & GZUZ!

Hoes. Flows. Flamingos. (wirscheissengold)
Hip Hop
Ein Schwabe macht noch keinen Sommer – aber 3 Mixtapes definitiv eine Trilogie. Nach „Hoes. Flows. Tomatoes.“ (2013) und „Hoes. Flows. Kollabos“ (2014) komplettiert Marz mit „Hoes. Flows. Flamingos“ seine infamose Mixtape-Reihe und komprimiert abermals illustre Gestalten des Untergrunds auf einer pinken Scheibe. Mit Wortbeiträgen von Edgar Wasser, Juse Ju, der Witten Untouchable Posse, Kex Kuhl & Labelkollege Sickless, sowie Beats von Figub Brazlevic, Dexter, Ghananian Stallion, Cap Kendricks, Dramadigs, Mortis, 7apes und Funky Notes.