New Music Highlights – 3rd of February 2017: Sasha, Moglii, HG.ichT


Dear friends,

We are back – this week with a highlight release by ‘Sasha‘ following his highly acclaimed Late Night Tales Compilation! Majestic Casual Records are treating us with a brandnew Single by Newcommer Moglii and german electronic collectiv HGichT releasing their new LP ‘Therapie wirkt‘.
This is it? No really! Have fun with our other highlight releases!
We hope you enjoy and all the best
your finetuners

Sasha (Late Night Tales)
Electronic / Dance
Imagine listening to music inspired by Frahm, Richter and Steve Reich, but made by one of the UKs leading house and techno DJs. Scene Delete is a side of Sasha youve never heard before. Scene Delete was released to critical acclaim in Spring 2016 and after a first release of remixes by Kiasmos and Rival Consoles we are proud to present two brand new remixes of tracks from the album by Max Cooper and Matthew Dear Vs. Audion.




Girl (feat. Ben Werchohlad) (Majestic Casual)
Dance Pop / Electronic

Moglii is back on Majestic Casual Records featuring Ben Werchohlad!
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Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt
Tell Her (Traumton)
Jazz / Vocal Jazz
When the first duo album of Veronika Harcsa and Bálint Gyémánt was released in 2014 it sparked enthusiastic reactions among press and audience. The vast reduction to vocals and guitar lets the songs on Lifelover sound extraordinarily transparent, direct and intimate, at the same time the duo fascinatingly exhibits a stylistic range from jazz to artful pop facets. But most captivating of all, is Harcsa’s exceptionally variable voice. When she lightly skips through octaves, varies tempos or cuts capers scatting, she unites outstanding talent and juvenile wit. Now their new release ‘Tell Her’ is released on Traumton!


Versilberte Welt (Asmara Records)
Electropop / Indie Pop / Pop

Colognes own Planetarium combining Indiepop, electronic elements and german melancholia!

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Therapie wirkt (Tapete Records)

Goa collective HGich.T creates music that is different from everything you heard before, just listen for yourself!
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Various Artists
Erased Tapes Collection VIII (Erased Tapes)
Alternative / Electronic

The brandnew release of the successful label compilation series!

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