New Music Highlights – Garden City Movement


Dear friends,

Did you know one of our favourite labels Late Night Tales has a sister called Night Time Stories? Maybe not! But now that you’re armed with this information, we are excited to present to you their newest signing Garden City Movement (GCM).

She’s So Untouchable 2016

Slightly All The Time was released today, the first track from their upcoming album Apollonia, available next March.

“Slightly All The Time, a combination of dream-like vocals, languid beats and deftly deployed guitar hooks. The bittersweet music balances the song’s account of abuse committed during the breakdown of a fading relationship. This melancholic fusion hints at an emotional and confessional album filled with forward facing sounds and beats.”

Garden City Movement is originally from Tel Aviv. They have been making waves with their easy listening pop electronic for a few years now. Opening for the likes of Bonobo and regularly seeing their tracks climb the popular charts on Hype Machine. You may also be familiar with the fact they have done some great live sessions with Majestic Casual & Boiler Room.

Either way, if you’ve got this far in the post, you should definitely be checking out their new track and be keeping your eyes peeled for the upcoming album.

We additionally have more interesting sonic vibrations to tickle your ear buds from the likes of Queen Alaska, Paul Hankinson & Naked Lunch.

See the links below.

Your finetuners

Garden City Movement
Slightly All the Time (Late Night Tales)
Alternative / Ambient / Pop

Queen Alaska
Interlude of the Inner Voice II/II (Queen Alaska)
Alternative / Pop
Composer, producer, vocalist and audiovisual artist Anneli Bentler uses analogue synthesizers, drum machines, vocal cuttings and her fine sense for harmonic structures to bring into being an eclectic landscape of sounds called: Queen Alaska. She continues the developement of her sound on her newest EP “Interlude of the Inner Voice II / II”.

One of You (with Aly Frank) (StudioZoo)
Pop / Electronic
Their debut single “One of you” featuring Aly Frank, a New York native singer/songwriter, will be released on December 8th. A Song about social acceptance, tolerance and the search for (human) affiliation. But RADIOZOO will definitely not have to search for a long time – cause we all loves animals, don’t we?

Naked Lunch
So Sad (Tapete Records)
Indie Pop / Indie Rock
Naked Lunch, die größte österreichische Band aller Zeiten, aus einer Zeit stammend, als es noch keine großen österreichischen Bands gab, ist wieder auferstanden mit ihrer neuen Single “So Sad”.

Frank Rabeyrolles
For Your Eyes Only (Wool recordings)
Electronica / Pop
In “For your eyes only” Frank Rabeyrolles’ music is always a bit familiar and somewhere completely different from French Production. Influenced by European Kraut Rock but also by Folk songwriting and early electronic music he’s often described as a Lofi Chameleon somewhere floating between the Songwriter and the Producer.

For the Dreamers (Omena)
Deep House / Electronic / Hip Hop 
The third artist album on Omena is here, ‘For The Dreamers’ by Saine. An effortless blend of crisp beat-work and delicate textures, the album feels equally suited for playing out loud or for those hazy summer night headphone marathons.

Violetta Zironi
Toast (Pon’t Danic Music)
Folk / Pop
The follow up single to Violetta Zironi’s hit singles “Don’t Make Me a Fool” and “Half Moon Lane”.

Paul Hankinson
Hankinson: Echoes of a Winter Journey (Traumton)
New Music / Contemporary Music / Crossover/Popular Classicism / Instrumental
This is music of memory. Music for lying on the floor at midnight. Contemplative, melancholy, fragile, beautiful. For Paul Hankinson, creating a solo piano album felt like going home. “It took me a while to realise that the simplicity of the piano, the gentle familiarity of that emotional landscape I’ve been exploring my whole life, is enough. There is music in silence too, in the in-betweens.” “Echoes of a Winter Journey”. Inspired by Schubert.

Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Alles auf Rausch (Audiolith)
Feine Sahne Fischfilet sind gerade nicht nur eine der besten aufstrebenden, jungen Punk-Bands des Landes, sondern vielleicht auch eins der spannendsten Phänomene im deutschsprachigen Musikzirkus. Sie präsentieren ihre Single Alles auf Rausch vor ihrer gleichnamigen Tour im Frühjahr 2018.

Josephin Busch
Wovor hast du Angst (Budde Music)
“Wovor hast du Angst” ist die zweite Single der Schauspielerin und Künstlerin Josephin Busch aus der im Mai dieses Jahres veröffentlichte Debut-EP „Jetzt“. Der Song beschreibt die Problematik, dass sich Menschen oft von vornherein nicht auf Gefühle einlassen, aus Angst etwas zu verlieren oder verletzt zu werden. Eine wunderschöne, gefühlvolle Ballade, die dazu ermutigt auch mal auf den Bauch statt auf den Kopf zu hören. Sich auf Neues einzulassen, auch ohne die Konsequenzen zu kennen. Sich einfach mal fragen „Wovor Hast Du eigentlich Angst?“

Zahnfleisch (Flavour Gang)
Hip Hop
JACE aus Hamburg gehört zweifelsohne zu den frischen Gesichtern, die Rap aus Deutschland aktuell spannend machen. Seine »Vorschuss«-EP erzeugte jüngst ein Grundrauschen bei Fans und Industrie. Den Stempel »HipHope« holte sich der Hamburger in der letzten Ausgabe der JUICE. Die Zeichen stehen gut, dass 2018 sein Jahr wird – seine neueste Single “Zahnfleisch” ist dafür der beste Vorbote.