New Music Highlights – Acid Pauli, Tobias Degen, Arms and Sleepers


Dear friends,

Martin Gretschmann has always held a unique place in the electronic sphere which he reaffirmed last year under his moniker Acid Pauli. By releasing the album BLD, Gretschmann further demonstrated his keen sense of adventure and originality. It worked through an assortment of moods and emotions, layered with ambient synths, dystopian carnivalesque vibes, peaks of high intensity and blankets of melancholia.

An all star line up was organised to take on the rework duties for the BLD B side Remixes. We couldn’t choose a favourite between each of the new offerings and we are sure you will struggle to do so as well.

Amadou (Stimming Remix)

René (Roman Flügel Remix)

Jeanne (Axel Boman Remix – Extended Version)

Jorge (Satori Remix)

Verbos (Nico Stojan Remix)

Other great releases we’ve got fresh of the press this week includes Tobias Degen’s new 5 tracker, Stranger. Degen teamed up with producer Greg Calbi (Bob Dylan, Norah Jones) and its sound is just on the cusp of being a classic soul / pop music cross over.

Taking on a brand new direction is daunting and oft times not the most successful transition for most artists. Arms and Sleepers seem to have taken on the change effortlessly however, see for yourself with their new track It Was You! Originating in the post-rock scene over a decade ago, their music on recent releases has been transcending the narrow confines of that scene, oscillating more between “chilled hip-hop beats, glitching electronics and ambient progressions.” The Huffington Post

Find all the links you could want below and more!

Your finetuners

Arms and Sleepers
It Was Us (Pelagic Records)

All the Luck in the World
Contrails (All the Luck in the World)
“Contrails” is the 3rd Single of All the Luck in the World‘s new album “A Blind Arcade” which is due on February 23rd 2018.

Agatino Romero
All I Wanna Do (feat. Duncan Townsend) (Feed Me Records)
“We’re drinking beer at noon on Tuesday – in a bar that faces a giant carwash“ – the uniquely offbeat story of Sheryl Crow’s legendary 1994 hit in a cool new reissue of the song. In collaboration with his producer team and the English singer Duncan Townsend, Agatino Romero‘s new single is now released: His very special version of “All I Wanna Do”. Agatino is still fresh in the music business. And just as talented. Duncan’s interpretation of the song, together with the gripping groove of Agatino, are the perfect recipe for excitement.

Tobias Degen
Stranger (QFTF)
Pop / R&B / Soul

Tony Silanto
The Dream (Starmode)
Dance / Progressive House
Tony Silanto kicks off the year with a new original titled “The Dream” a track with deep bass and uprocking beats.

Acid Pauli
BLD Remixes B (Ouïe)
Deep House

.01 (Sichtexot)
Hip Hop / Instrumental Hip Hop
Vancouver based beat maker crossriver with his second full length Album “.01” via Sichtexot.

High of Life (WSP Records)
Hip Hop
Waldoe, auch noch bekannt unter Waldoe The Funk, mit seiner neuesten EP “High Of Life” via WSP Records, der unter Anderem Support auf Dexters Tour sein wird.

För die Liebe nit (pop-A-musik)
Passend zur Karnevalszeit präsentieren wir die kölsche Band Lupo mit ihrer Single „För die Liebe nit“. Sie kommt in einem lockeren unplugged Arrangement daher und beschäftigt sich mit der Heimatsprache der fünf Kölner.

Marion Fiedler
Rolling On (Ballroom Reocrds)
Pop / Singer/Songwriter / Alternative
Die Dresdner Songwriterin und Jazz-Pop Chanteuse Marion Fiedler mit ihrem neuen Album “Rolling On”.