New Music Highlights – December 06th 2013: Dear Reader, Chicago Damn, AD Bourke, Kanzleramt Music, LOLGurlz & The Oracle any many more…

It’s time for our weekly selection of the finest new releases hitting digital stores today. Check out new releases by Dear Reader, Chicago Damn, AD Bourke, Kanzleramt Music, LOLGurlz & The Oracle and many more…



DearReaderDear Reader –  We Followed Every Sound (Live)

When Potsdam-based radio Station Radio Eins offered up the opportunity to perform the songs of Cherilyn MacNeil a.k.a. DEAR READER‘s “Rivonia” with the added dramatic texture of an entire symphonic orchestra, it felt only logical. The songs are musical miniature movies and the Film Orchestra of Babelsberg specialises in recording film scores. Music for the big screen. A marriage made in heaven.


kthemesVarious Artist – K-Themes
(Kanzleramt Music)

For when the days get shorter we provide some of the tunes which were written on Kanzleramt in the last 2 decades. Originally most of them were pushed in a club-frame with 4×4 kicks and loops, which has disguised some of the beautiful themes. Here we simply leave that out and present some song-ideas in their purity. This release contains selected broken-beat tunes of our catalogue and some exclusive and freshly made songs and versions.



chicagodamnChicago Damn – Experiments Must Continue
(Chicago Damn)
House / Techno

The debut LP from Chicago Damn! It’s been pieced together over the course of a year, since the last, superb and limited edition ‘Bizarre Sex’ 12 on his own label Since becoming a father to triplets, this incredibly talented producer has, thankfully, managed to make some time for the recording studio too, as the title tells us ‘Experiments Must Continue’ Gavin McClary‘s music lies somewhere between the cavernous, pared down sonic delights of producers like Levon Vincent, and the simplistic yet irresistible classic House on labels like Prescription Underground.




AD Bourke –  Prelude
(Five Fold)
Deep House / Disco House / Electronic

AD Bourke’s ‘Prelude EP’ is the very definition of its naming, an introduction masterfully encapsulating the musical ethos of the label. After a string of wonky-post-Dilla-future-funk vinyl releases, the four cuts here see AD evolving as a producer focusing on more lush synth melodies while notching up the tempo to deep house and disco grooves..




Various Artist – Cosmic Ballad to Erotica, Vol. 1
Disco / Downbeat / Electronic

Great compilation including some of the finest Cosmic, Cinematic, Psychedelic and Erotic music produced and released by Favorite Recordings and its various sub-labels over the past 7 years. Including tracks by Onra, Dwilt Sharpp, Patchworks Galactic Project, Buddy Sativa, Walter Mecca, Pascal Rioux, Mr Day, Spirit Catcher, Trevor & Lisa, or Lee McDonald.



jangoSirus Hood & Still Boyz –  Jango EP
(Loulou Records) 
Indie Disco

LouLou records welcomes the French Boyz Sirus Hood & Still Boyz on board. They offers a banger track which is remix by UK sensation Sion and also by Symbols.




Various Artist – FlexiVåg

For the 9th release on the FlexiWave label they present 4 tracks of all Swedish synth artist with lyrics in Swedish. This release was originally released on white cassette at the magnificent Kalabalik Festival 2013.



LOLGurlz & The Oracle – Red Pill & Blue Pill
(Lost Codes)
Garage / UK Funky / Grime

Here we present LOLGulrz & The Oracle. These 2 American producers have come together fusing the grime & garage influences taken from there own individual styles under other aliases that they’ve used with present releases. LOLGurlz have worked with Le1f in the past whilst the Oracle has had a release on Unknown To The Unknown via a different alias The final track is a remix of the E.P’s title track where Visionist strips it back to a upfront 8bar Grime tune.




Studnitzky –  KY – The String Project
Jazz / Smooth Jazz

STUDNITZKY has always been traveling as a wanderer between the genres jazz, classical and electric. With his new album “KY – The String Project,” he puts his versatility and stylistic openness impressively in a nutshell. Only accompanied by a string quartet he celebrates his fascinating emotional play on the trumpet and piano.




dogma chamber orchestra – Shostakovich: Dogma#3
(BERTHOLD Records)
Chamber Music / Classic / String Orchestra

The 24 Preludes by Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) are not amongst the best known works by the composer, nonetheless they deserve a special place in his oeuvre. Originally composed for piano, the Preludes experienced a rebirth in reworked versions, for example as a duet for violin and piano. This album now offers an outstanding variation: Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes played by string orchestra – the dogma chamber orchestra. It is a treatment that represents the sense and character of his early musical works as shown by looking back at the history…




The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum (TCHIK) –  Jung, talentlos und gecastet
(Destiny Records)
Electro / Indie Disco / New Wave

ReRelease of TCHIKs astonishing debut, incl. “Ich und mein Pony”, “Wir hassen Sport”, “Katzenfleisch” and a cover of Neonbabies “Spass muss sein” … Riot Grrl Rave-Pop Electro-Punk … pure trash – with sure instinct they played cleverly with almost painfully self-ironic gesture, gutter-glamorous Trash lifestyle, excessive hedonism and a big mouth.




The Benja Men – Goodbye, Smile Mile
Children / German / Indie Pop

When fanatical singer Jolly Joe and his family leave idyllic Smile Mile, he faces the greatest challenge of his life so far: making new friends. Join him for a musical adventure about the heartache of moving, the joy of doing what you love, and the danger of infamous kid-eating bears! This double album for kids includes English and German versions of the exciting story in 12 songs to sing along.