New Music Highlights – Martin Kohlstedt


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We have a special highlight update organised for you this week that takes you on a journey in to the world of Martin Kohlstedt. The following two short doc instalments directed by Patrick Richter chronicle everything from Kohlstedt’s earliest experiences of music to his most recent travels across Russia, the US, Iran and Europe.

Passionate – Authentic – Insightful

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Monumental Men
Monumental Men (Radicalis)
Electronic / Alternative

Monumental Men are a promise: atmospheric, profound and in a loving embrace with history. The three-piece electronic outfit dug thoroughly in the cellar record stores of its cobble-stoned hometown, firm advocates of a cinematic mélange both deeply rooted in orchestral craftsmanship and at the edge of contemporary electronic music. With a keen sense for what feels good, Monumental Men encompass a plethora of creative outlets to forge an unique style. A style that is on point, from its film noir visual vibe to the electric energy of a live performance: Monumental Men are a promise – full stop.

The Monochrome Set
Maisieworld (Tapete Records)
Indie Pop / Pop
The Monochrome Set comes arround with their 13th Album. Maisieworld is distilled from the pungent flowers of artistic mischief and represents the acme of sonic consummation.
Welcome to Maisieworld!

Waste Time (feat. James Chatburn) (Majestic Casual)
Pop / Male Vocalist
BLYNE is a new artist project by two Berlin based producers. After successfully producing numerous german and international artists in the last years and touring around Europe as DJs and Live Acts they decided to shift their focus and devotion in order to developed a unique interpretation of contemporary pop music transcending traditional and national genres. Listen to their new single “Waste Time (feat. James Chatburn)” on Majestic Casual.

You Wonder with Me (feat. Dahlia) (About To Shine)
Electronic / Pop
The London based Producer & DJ Milo Evans’ a.k.a. Nimino releases the first Single “You Wonder with Me (feat. Dahlia)” of his upcoming EP on About To Shine.