Physical Media Solutions





Since 2012 finetunes has been securing opportunities in the field of physical distribution for interested partners. We believe in supporting an attractive and colourful product portfolio and the successful coexistence of the different media and music formats – because fans are seeking to experience artists not only via one specific format but through a range of different channels. Our clear priority is: Offering licensors flexible solutions and infrastructure which matches the needs of their catalogue, label, artists and media.


From the traditional, classic physical distribution model to the production and distribution of short-run unit volumes – our solutions can adapt to the demands of the product. Our physical solutions complete a full one–stop solution: everything from one partner, transparent and direct. Our services are fully flexible – meaning we can adapt to shifts in demand, growing (or shrinking) the channel capacities as required.
finetunes physical solutions also enable labels to re–release back catalogues and older titles without having to produce large volumes of a specific product. Our flexibility also helps newcomers and niche projects were commercial success is unclear at the outset of a project.


finetunes is able to separate its physical and digital solutions to support our licensors as flexibly as possible. Furthermore, finetunes can take over distribution on products which are already circulating in the market. According to the usual regulations the former distributor does not need to return all products first so that finetunes can redeliver them to the market. Products which are already circulating will be simply relisted in the stores’ backends. Licensors can also opt to produce new releases through finetunes’ network of manufacturing partners, or simply deliver finished product. Unlike many competitors we will never insist that you manufacture with a certain pressing plant. In the fields of both vinyl and CD distribution we are able to offer not only GSA territories but also international market penetration with the support of different partners. Please contact us for details and an individual offer for your catalogue and label by sending your enquiries to