Sales and Retail Marketing




The focus of the finetunes Sales Marketing team is not just achieving revenue, but also the sustainable building of awareness and commercial success. We support you with the creation of a special range of products tailored to specific areas of the digital markets, from free streaming to high resolution audio retailers. This product range is further supported by intelligent use of supportive and targeted advertising for your products. Our sales managers are highly experienced in the digital music market. They additionally combine regional and platform–specific knowledge with targeted communication approaches to turn listeners into fans all around the world.

Marketing strategy, communication of sales arguments leading to placements and promotion – The finetunes Sales Marketing team works closely with all major shops and retailers. To obtain the best results possible we comprehensively consider release planning and product setup, release strategy and timing. Our team combines its expert knowledge of both services and catalogues with creativity and determination to deliver successful marketing campaigns on an international basis.

finetunes puts great emphasis on building a Sales Marketing team which has diverse and specialist knowledge of the opportunities and challenges offered by different formats such as downloads, streaming, videos, concert films, audiobooks , ebooks and beyond. We have deep ongoing relationships with service and media partners which enable us work with specific focus in different markets.

The focus of the finetunes sales marketing team is not only the sustainable building of awareness, visibility and commercial success but also the „packaging“ of valuable special products and the conversion of advertising in sales. Our sales managers are not only highly experienced in the digital music market, they also combine regional and platform specific knowledge and ideas with targeted communication to turn listeners into fans – all around the world.JPG_Graphic_Speaker

Our Sales and Marketing mission is not only to push a new release around the date of its release but to develop long-term release strategies which last for months or years, not just a few days. For us this means creating marketing plans for new releases including large and small back catalogues whether it is artist or genre-driven. Additionally we develop digital promotion campaigns which are fitting to specific target groups, including Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and individual platform opportunities to place content as visibly as possible. At the centre of these comprehensive campaigns you will find personal communication, trustful exchanges of ideas and concepts – connecting with relevant partners as early as possible, offering them fitting information and support for their own marketing efforts.


Our in–house developed finetunes PromoTool acts as an interface between finetunes’ licensors, platforms, retail media partners, radio DJs, tastemakers and bloggers.



The PromoTool is a comprehensive one–stop–database for retail and media partners, boasting tons of additional informative materials about artists, releases and labels to support their editorial work. The PromoTool offers a bunch of interesting insights into the fintunes distribution catalogue including but not limited to press texts/reviews, biographies, news updates, artist pictures, additional video material (EPKs), online–radio, TV– and DJ–clippings as well as tour dates. Visitors can also view automatically generated discographies for all labels or artists, whilst registered partners can stream all audios in full–length, gaining a full impression of upcoming releases and to consider each track on an editorial level.