The Company



A pioneer in the digital music markets since 2003, finetunes has developed into a full service marketing and distribution company, handling music in both digital and physical formats, as well as video, audiobooks, ebooks and concert films. Headquartered in Hamburg. Germany, finetunes also has a network of satellite offices in London, Paris, Berlin and San Diego – offering our partners and licensors personal care with a local accent.
Our customers enjoy access to sophisticated custom–made tools for promotion, marketing, sales analysis and release planning. Along with personal close support in the fields of digital logistics and warehousing, after sales analysis, media planning and strategic cooperations – for the digital and physical markets. All our tools are developed in–house: enhancing your business with passion and technology – fully adapted to the needs of our licensors and retail partners.


We’re passionate about content. We are music fans with a shared deep, expert knowledge in a wide range of genres. Personal passion is always however mixed with technical know–how that looks beyond the music industry’s standard to the possibilities of the future.




At finetunes great technology meets human passion and expertise. Our tech is developed in–house and designed to meet the needs of our independent label and retail partners. Backing our technology is a team of people who are ready to personally advise our partners on every aspect of the digital business. From technical and legal issues, through to digital strategy, release planning, online marketing; covering every relevant field in the music market.


Transparency was one of the pillars of our founding philosophy and still represents a crucial aspect of our retailer and licenser relationships. finetunes is dedicated to distributing digital revenues to our partners as quickly and transparently as possible. We offer daily sales trend reports backed by full monthly sales reports and payments. Our statements cover all digital business types – all clearly itemised and explained. Our label partners also trust us as a negotiating partner in the digital world because they know we only ever sign deals that will work for their benefit. finetunes is an active member of various independent networks and organizations, supporting close relationships with retail partners and decision makers, always striving to achieve fair and equitable remuneration and value for independent licensors.





  • Founded by Oke Göttlich and Henning Thiess in 2003
  • finetunes launched the first professional download store for independent music in Europe
  • Serving as a digital distributor for independent music since 2004
  • First independent distributor in Europe with a direct partnership to iTunes
  • Opening offices in the UK (2006), France (2007), US (2011)
  • Lobbying and responsibility: Oke Göttlich is a board member of both VUT in Germany and global indies body Merlin
  • Representing more than 2,500 direct and indirect licensors worldwide
  • Partnerships with more than 200 retail partners
  • Database of more than 1.000.000 tracks
  • 20+ chart entries in 2013 and 2014
  • Well–established international offices with individual A&R structures
  • One of the five biggest digital distributors for independent music worldwide
  • Premium partner for all main retail services and platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Youtube etc.