Tools and Über-Services




finetunes is always striving to create additional value for its partners. Aside from the core distribution business, we try to create strategic partnerships with brands, magazines, media and companies from other industries. Festivals, print magazines, tradeshows, corporate partners, media agencies and brands can all be potential opportunities for promoting our licensors’ products. Creating campaigns in these areas is of huge interest for the finetunes Strategic Marketing department. In addition to that, the finetunes promotool offers the best possible resource for collecting relevant multimedia data, information resources and promotional facts to form the basis of any successful press and promotional campaign.


finetunes wants to be your partner for all aspects of digital media distribution and presentation. To us this means offering a personal partnership you can trust, where we try to answer every question, give good advice and offer useful solutions. It also means that we also work actively at a political level both as finetunes and within international industry networks such as VUT or MERLIN. These activities are not only important at conferences, panels and other industry gatherings, but also in terms of enabling us to negotiate for fair and valuable remuneration of independent content and culture in general.


We try to spread our knowledge, offer flexible solutions and opportunities, as well as provide a rounded overview of the digital markets we are actively working in. We don’t want to provide a “standard” service, but to set standards in creating concepts, ideas and solutions, both at the widest level and for niches off the beaten track.



With the right partners and strategy we believe good content can always find its audience. This is why we constantly seek to offer new tools, features, products and support –sometimes even before the benefits of these innovations are obvious to our licensors.
We engage ourselves in creating industry –wide solutions that are fair, for example: a completely free to use and transparent standard for metadata. Using these flexible services we offer solutions to everyday problems for all kinds of labels, regardless of their catalogue size, their nationality or economic status.
Partners will easily find advantages in our in–house built PromoTool, where they are able to outsource the promotional sampling to media partners etc. Labels are able to promote their releases (the complete discography is automatically available) to media partners, mailing lists or specific pools of people.

Media partners already registered in the finetunes PromoTool are able to apply for the option to be integrated in to a label’s mailing list, which offers labels the possibility of a passive media partner acquisition. A label’s existing promo partners can be easily and quickly invited to PromoTool and added to mailing lists, tagged and categorised. Sampling and promotion campaigns used with PromoTool can offer a low–cost and promising alternative to big mainstream tools, enabling the label to steadily create/augment their personal promotion pool.



With media partnerships, targeted compilation campaigns, single and video-premieres, lotteries and remix competitions, we try to build success stories for our partners beyond the standard toolset of distributors. For corporate projects finetunes is able to act as a valuable expert partner, representing a large and exciting independent music roster. We are able to draw from a broad range of content to offer fitting musical emotions for brands, especially within the field of corporate music. finetunes doesn’t just offer mood music – but strives to create value for both parties through fitting and successful synergies.