What We Do



We look to achieve a comprehensive and wide–reaching marketing strategy. As well as focusing hard on traditional digital sales channels, we are constantly seeking to set up strategic co–operations, deliver targeted advertising campaigns, form alliances with key media and integrate these into an effective release plan. We want to offer measurable ‘added value’ to our partners concerning the placement and presentation of their content. This isn’t just about marketing but about creating products which shine from the outset – backed by concept creation, advice, insights and  MORE



Digital distribution with finetunes means ‘all services under one roof’, from setting up metadata for a new release, to receiving detailed monthly statements, to forming an advanced digital strategy. Always–open access to our digital tools, combined with the personal attention of the Client and Label Care team, provides technical independence and a strategic advantage. finetunes product management team contains a wealth of genre specific expertise that enables us to deliver an effective personal touch to a wide range of labels. We provide optimal market penetration, along with targeted and international sales marketing that creates visibility, awareness and successful campaigns on a global level. MORE



Since 2012 finetunes has been securing opportunities in the field of physical distribution for interested partners. We believe in supporting an attractive and colourful product portfolio and the successful coexistence of the different media and music formats – because fans are seeking to experience artists not only via one specific format but through a range of different channels. Our clear priority is: Offering licensors flexible solutions and infrastructure which matches the needs of their catalogue, label, artists and media. MORE




finetunes offers a comprehensive service portfolio and strategy consultancy in the field of marketing and monetization of videos and concert films. We work actively in this fast–growing and exciting field of business – doing much more than simply delivering content. We work closely and collaboratively with a range of partners including YouTube, Vevo, iTunes, tape.tv, Myvideo, Clipfish including different Smart–TV channels like MuzuTV or Microsoft Xbox. MORE



The focus of the finetunes Sales Marketing team is not just achieving revenue, but also the sustainable building of awareness and commercial success. We support you with the creation of a special range of products tailored to specific areas of the digital markets, from free streaming to high resolution audio retailers. This product range is further supported by intelligent use of supportive and targeted advertising for your products.Our sales managers are highly experienced in the digital music market. They additionally combine regional and platform–specific knowledge with targeted communication approaches to turn listeners into fans all around the world. MORE



The finetunes DiLogE team (Digital Logistics and Encoding) has handled all necessary technical processes for the company since finetunes’ beginning in 2003. The team forms the basis of everything which happens at finetunes: the interfaces, databases, tools and all automatisations and technical workflows. the finetunes infrastructure is completely conveived, designed and realised in–house and is constantly updated and optimized – to enable us to stay independent, to be able to quickly respond to a dynamic and changing music market and to offer reliable, efficient and attractively–priced solutions to licensors and partners. MORE



Clickthrough rates, conversion tracking, Georiot, promoted posts, follower management – finetunes can shed light on the jungle of social media behavior and analysis. We can take care of planning, setup and management of label–, artist– or release–based digital marketing campaigns. finetunes can also help with editorial planning and posting, as well offering classical media planning. MORE



Labels and artists looking for a simple way to integrate branded download stores into their website’s portfolio will find perfectly tailored offerings thanks to finetunes shop solutions. The shop systems are fully customizable based on labels’ and bands’ own chosen corporate design. The shops come with a range of customer–driven features which include secure payment options, creatively manageable sales/price marketing campaigns and the setup of special subpages or overviews. MORE





finetunes is always striving to create additional value for its partners. Aside from the core distribution business, we try to create strategic partnerships with brands, magazines, media and companies from other industries. Festivals, print magazines, tradeshows, corporate partners, media agencies and brands can all be potential opportunities for promoting our licensors’ products. Creating campaigns in these areas is of huge interest for the finetunes Strategic Marketing department. In addition to that, the finetunes promotool offers the best possible resource for collecting relevant multimedia data, information resources and promotional facts to form the basis of any successful press and promotional campaign. MORE